Конспект урока "British History Wheel" 9-11 класс

(A game for 9-11
form students)
Aims to inspire students for learning English and to get more information about
British history.
Equipment cards with words, pictures of animals, flowers, costumes for actors, the
map of Great Britain.
Participants three teams
Literature S.D.Zaitseva “Early Britain”
S.D.Zaitseva “Britain in Brief””
S.D.Zaitseva “Everything about Britain”
Teacher: Good afternoon, dear guests! Hello, everybody! Welcome to our game
“British History Wheel”. You’ve already learnt much information about Great Britain:
its people, customs, traditions, sights. And now it’s time to see which team knows
more about Britain. Welcome to our game!
Let’s cheer up our participants. We have three teams. Would you like to
introduce yourselves?
( команды представляют себя, свои девизы)
Teacher: The first task for our teams is to draw the map of Great Britain from
memory. You should mark main cities, rivers, sights. This task is expected for
the whole quiz.
(раздать ватман, цветные карандаши)
Teacher: At the screen you can see 2 tables with 6 squares in them. They are
numbered. Each number means a question. Remember you should give a full
answer. Now let’s start our quiz. The first round is called “The history of
Britain and its traditions”.
Question №1
When the Romans had landed in Britain two thousand years ago they called
the country “Albion”. Let’s watch the scene. (A sailor and the captain on the
The question is: why did the Romans call Britain “Albion”? The first thing
they saw were: a) the fog; b) the chalk cliffs; c) white people
Question №2
(слайд: король Артур)
Let’s return to the times knights. Look at the screen. Here is “The Round
Table”. This expression means to be in peace, to decide all problems
peacefully together, sitting around the table, to be equal. The question is: who
sat around the table for the first time? (answer: King Arthur and his knights)
Question №3
(чай на подносе)
Here is the tray with two cups of tea. The question is: what is the traditional
English tea?
Question №4
(слайды: праздники в Британии)
Everybody likes holidays. Each country has its own national holidays. Your
task is to recognize the holiday which is celebrated only in Great Britain.
a) Thanksgiving Day; b) Guy Fawkes Day; c) Christmas
Question №5
(слайды: роза, нарцисс, чертополох, трилистник)
Everybody likes flowers. Flowers are the best presents for girls. Flowers are a
part of a holiday. And they are often symbols of countries. The question is:
what are the national emblems of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern
Ireland? (England a rose, Scotland a thistle, Wales a daffodils, Northern
Ireland a shamrock)
Question №6
You know there are a lot of different traditions in Great Britain. The question
is: what are the New Year’s traditions in the UK? What happens on the first
day of New Year?
(a dark-haired man should bring a gift a piece of coal, a fish, a bottle of
whisky, a piece of bread)
Teacher: The first round has finished. The members of the jury will determine the
round’s results. And now let’s have a musical rest. We’ll listen to the song.
Teacher: Let’s continue our quiz. The second round is called “Literature, culture and
art in Great Britain”. Look at the screen and choose the question.
Question №1
We’ll watch a short dramatization of a well-known English author. (сценка)
So, now answer the following question: who is the author of this novel? Name
the title of the book. («Treasure Island» by R. L. Stevenson)
Question №2
Now we have a musical question. We’ll listen to the song of a world famous
English band of young Liverpool lads of the 1960-s. Nowadays this group
belongs to musical classics. The question is: what band is it?
Question №3
(слайд с изображением собора)
Great Britain is known for its historical castles, palaces, cathedrals and other
sights. Now look at the screen, there is a world famous cathedral. Try to
answer the question: what is the name of this cathedral and who was called
“the Architect of London” after the Great Fire in 1666? (St. Paul’s Cathedral;
Sir Christopher Wren)
Question №4
Question 4 is also a musical question. We’ll listen to the song. It is the Russian
translation of well-known English poet. Now the question: who is the author
of the English words? (Robert Burns)
Question №5
(слайды с известными английскими личностями)
In Great Britain there are a lot famous people, politicians, actors, singers. Now
look at the screen, here are some Englishmen. The question is: who of these men
is not a famous British one?
Question №6
One more question about Great Britain’s sights. Look at the screen. Here is a
famous sight in London. This sight is famous for the huge clock, Big Ben. Why
do people call this clock Big Ben? (It was named after Sir Benjamin Hall, he
was very tall. His nickname was Big Ben). By the way, what is today’s name of
this bell? (It named after Elizabeth II).
Teacher: The second round is over. Without making a rest, we’ll start the third
round. It is the Blitz-competition. This task consists of 5 questions for each
team. You should answer as quickly as you can.
Team I
1. 3 forms of the verb “to draw”.
2. Who wrote “Romeo and Juliet”? (W. Shakespeare)
3. What is the oldest part of London? (The City)
4. What is the capital of Wales? (Cardiff)
5. Who is the main character at Christmas? (Santa Claus)
Team II
1. 3 forms of the verb “to burn”.
2. What is the national English sport?
3. Where was Shakespeare born?
4. What is the capital of Northern Ireland?
5. When is St.Valentine’s Day celebrated?
Team III
1. 3 forms of the verb “to sell”.
2. What is the capital of Scotland?
3. Who is the creator of Sherlock Homes?
4. When is Halloween celebrated?
5. What is the national dress of Scotland?
Teacher: Thank you. And now teams are you ready with your maps? Show
them, please. Good. We ask our jury to sum up all the results. So we have a
minute to relax. Let’s watch a short film about Great Britain.
Teacher: Let’s listen to our jury.
(выступление жюри)
Teacher: We congratulate the winners. We are glad that you know the history
and traditions of Great Britain very well. Thank you. See you next time. Good