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The History of Tea

Tea is a world famous drink for more than 5 000 years.

Shen Nung

The legend says, it was discovered by the Chinese eemperor Shen Nung. He was famous for his order to boil all the drinking water for cleansing.

One day Shen Nung was on a road trip. When he stopped for a rest, his servants started to boil water for drinking. But when the water was boiling, some dried leaves from the bush fell into it. The water became brown and had a nice smell. The emperor tried this drink and after that the world got the first tea lover.

In the 16th century tea became popular in Europe.

In 1662 King Charles II married a Spanish princess who was a tea drinker, since that time the Great Britain is known as a Tea Empire.

There are lots of tea plantations worldwide. The biggest and the most important ones are in China, India, Sri Lanka, Tibet and Himalayas.

Varieties of Tea

Nowadays there are different types of tea.

The most popular ones are black, green, white, red, herbal and fruit tea.

BLACK TEA is the most popular tea in the world. It gives much energy and keeps you strong.

GREEN TEA is good for ladies, because it helps to lose weight. And it’s good for everyone, because it has lots of vitamins and keeps you out of stresses. You’ll never be thirsty in summer, if you drink green tea.

WHITE TEA is the most useful tea. It improves health, saves from some diseases and keeps its drinkers young for many years.

RED TEA is a very tonic drink, it makes you feel better, when you are tired. This tea is good for immunity. Hot red tea also prevents from getting cold in winter.


HERBAL TEA is like a medical drink. This type of tea treats for lots of diseases. The most popular herbal tea is a mint tea. It makes you feel calm and relaxed.

FRUIT TEA is the children’s most favourite tea. It’s very useful, because fruits have a lot of vitamins, and, of course, this tea is really delicious!


Tea Ceremony, Tea Party or Tea Break?

In different countries people have different traditions of tea drinking. Let’s have a look at the most popular ways of having this drink.

In Great Britain …

… tea ceremony is called “tea party”. It’s simpler than a Chinese one, but the English tea party is also has a long history and some traditions are known worldwide. For example, everybody knows about 5 o'clock tea tradition, when the British have a cup of tea with some cookies or cakes.

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Don’t drink it!

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Drink TEA!