Сценарий ""Y.Gagarin and Space" к 50 летию первого полёта в космос" 5 класс

Сценарий проведения мероприятия на английском языке.
« Y.Gagarin and Space» к 50 летию первого полёта в космос.
Цели мероприятия :
-Социокультурный аспект: способствовать формированию
социокультурной компетенции учащихся
- Развивающий аспект: обобщить и расширить лингвострановедческие
знания по теме «Космос»
-Воспитательный аспект: способствовать формированию чувства
-Учебный аспект: совершенствовать навыки аудирования, разговорной
-мультимедийный проектор;
Ход мероприятия.
1.Организационный момент.
Good morning, dear students and gests! We are glad to see all of you. In a few
days all people will celebrate Cosmonaut Day. Today we ll talk about space,
planets, Stars and universe.
2. Выход ученика .
Where do we live? We live on the planet called the Earth. It’s the most beautiful
our blue planet. Yes? The earth is green and blue from the space. Who discovered
it? The soviet cosmonaut Yuri
Gagarin was the first to orbited the Earth in April 1961 and he said: It is blue. On
the 12 th of April it turns 50 years of the first fly of man in space. Look at the
3. Слайд презентация о Гагарине. Текст.(Приложение 1)
4. Парад планет.
The are other planets in our galaxy. Do you know what are they?
Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto.
The moon, the stars, the universe,
It’s beautiful place.
The planets and the galaxies,
Space, space, space.
5. Викторина.
Which planet is the biggest planet in the solar system?( Jupiter)
Which is the smallest planet? ( Pluto)
Which is the nearest planet to the Sun? ( Mercury)
Which is called the red? ( Mars)
Which planet has some rings? ( Saturn)
5. Появление звёздного мальчика.
How do you think is there life on the other planets? Do you want to see the alien?
Meet him, please!
( Звучит песня « Звёздная страна» Приложение 2)
Starkid: Hi!
Pupil: Who are you?
S: I’m Starkid.
P: Where are you from?
S: I’m from space. I live on the Red planet/
P: How old are you?
S: I am 132yars old.
P: Have you got a family?
S: At home on the Red planet I’ve got my parents, my grandparents? Thousands
of brothers and sisters.
P: How did you get the Earth?
S: I have a space ship. A rocket .
P: I see. You are a alien! Wow! Do you like playing?
S: Yes, of course. I usually play star ball in the morning and count stars in the
P: Do you sing songs? Let’s sing!
6. Исполнение песни.(Приложение 3)
In the night, night sky
I can see
Bright, bright, lights
Are shining on you and me.
And in the bright, bright lights
There are creatures too.
In their night, night skies,
They’re looking at me and you.
The moon, the stars, the universe,
It’s beautiful place.
The planets and the galaxies,
Space, space, space.
Every night, I say Hi
To my neighbours in the sky,
Every night I sing me song,
Everybody sing along.
The moon, the stars, the universe,
It’s beautiful place.
The planets and the galaxies,
I live out here in Space, space, space.
7.Игра. « Как устроена ракета»
Do you want to be an explorer? How does the rocket work? Modern rockets have a
liquid flue something to help it to burn. This makes a powerful exhaust through the
back of the rocket and pushes the rocket up. Let’s see it. We’ll tie a long piece of
sting to a door handle, blow up the balloon and stick a drinking straw on it. Then
put the string through the straw. Now we must hold the string tight and let go of
the balloon. Now we’ll get more balloons and will have a race with each other.
Who will be the first pair? (проводится состязание)
8. Путешествие на красную планету.
Starkid: Welcome to the Red planet! Lets go!( Все садятся в ракету )
9. Викторина со зрителями.
1/ What is the name of our planet? ( Earth)
2/Who was the first man on the moon? (
3/ Who was the first man in space? ( Leonov)
4/Who invented the telescope?( Galilei)
5 What was the name of the 1 join space mission?(Soyus- Apollo)
6/ What is the name of our Galaxy? ( Milky Way)
7/ Who is the first cosmonaut?( Gagarin)
8/ Where is he from?( Russia)
9/ When was it?( April 12, 1961)
10. Возвращение на Землю.
Where were you?
We were in Space!
In space?
Yes, we were there with Sparkid. He is a boy from space.
What did you do ?
We could see the Earth from the spaceship. We went to a star park. In the park
we heard space music and ate space hamburgers and drank a star milk shake at
a space café.
What did you do then?
Then Starkid gave us space skates and we skated from one planet to another.
Did you like it?
Yes, we liked it very much
11/ Финал.
Thanks to Gagarin who opened the way to space people can explore it and learn
a lot from space research, solve different medical and scientific problems. We
hope people will reach the stars one day!
Видеоролик о Гагарине.(Приложение 4)