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English Poems

Решитько Юлия Ивановна

Учитель английского языка


г. Чехов

The Little Plant  In the heart of a seed, Buried deep, so deep, A dear little plant Lay fast asleep! "Wake!" said the sunshine, "And creep to the light!" "Wake!" said the voice Of the raindrop bright. The little plant heard And it rose to see What the wonderful Outside world might be.   Ten red apples on a tree, Five for you and five for me. I can shake the apple tree. And the apples fall, you see! Blue is the sea, Green is the grass, White are the clouds, As they slowly pass. Black are the crowds, Brown are the trees, Red are the sails Of the ship in the breeze. Autumn, autumn, autumn! The summer is over, The trees are bare, There is mist in the garden And frost in the air. Winter, winter, winter! The snow is falling, The wind is blowing, The ground is white, All day and all night. In the winter time we go Walking in the fields of snow, Where there is no grass at all, Where the top of every wall, Every fence and every tree Is as white as white can be. Spring, spring, spring! The trees are green, Blue skies are seen, All the birds sing. Summer, summer, summer! The sun is shining, The flowers are blooming, The sky is blue, rains are few. My Toys   Look at my toys! Look at my wonderful toys! A doll and a ball and a plane. A top and a big blue train. I have got a car and a drum. I have got a nice big ball. I have got a kite. I have got a bail. How I love them all! My pretty doll Is very small. I love my pretty little doll. One and two and three and four I'm sitting on the floor. I'm playing with a ball And a pretty little girl. One and two and three and four We are sitting on the floor. We are sitting girls and boys. We are playing with our toys. Pleasant Changes   Summer's sun is warm and bright, Winter's snow is cold and white, Autumn brings the sheaves of grain, Spring will scatter flowers again; Pleasant changes God arranges All throughout the year!   First there's darkness then there's light, First we've day and then we've night, First we're hot and then we're cold, First we're young and then we're old; Are we knowing Where we're going, What we're doing here? Don't you think the sun is bright? I wonder where it goes at night? Does it sleep or does it hide? Or is the moon its other side? Does it hide behind the hills? Late at night as outside chills? Do you think it needs to rest? From all that warming it does best? Could it even have a home? Maybe in London or even in Rome? Or does it just float around? Moving slowly from town to town? Yes, I think it must do that! After all the earth's not flat. So the sun goes round and round Spreading sunshine on the ground! Our family Our family comes From many homes, Our hair is straight, Our hair is brown, Our hair is curled, Our eyes are blue, Our skins are different Colors, too. We're girls and boys, We're big and small, We're young and old, We're short and tall. We're everything That we can be And still we are A family. We laugh and cry, We work and play, We help each other  Every day. The world's a lovely Place to be Because we are A family. Golden Keys A bunch of golden keys is mine To make each day with gladness shine. "Good morning!" that's the golden key That unlocks every door for me. When evening comes, "Good night!" I say, And close the door of each glad day. When at the table "If you please" I take from off my bunch of keys. When friends give anything to me, I'll use the little "Thank you" key. "Excuse me," "Beg your pardon," too, When by mistake some harm I do. Or if unkindly harm I've given, With "Forgive me" key I'll be forgiven. On a golden ring these keys I'll bind, This is its motto: "Be you kind." I'll often use each golden key, And so a happy child I'll be. Mother’s Face Three little boys talked together One sunny summer day, And I leaned out of the window To hear what they had to say. “The prettiest thing I ever saw,” One of the little boys said, “Was a bird in grandpa’s garden, All black and white and red.” “The prettiest thing I ever saw,” Said the second little lad, “Was a pony at the circus— I wanted him awful bad.” “I think,” said the third little fellow, With a grave and gentle grace, “That the prettiest thing in all the world Is just my mother’s face.” Daddy Fell into the Pond Everyone grumbled. The sky was grey. We had nothing to do and nothing to say. We were nearing the end of a dismal day, And then there seemed to be nothing beyond, Then Daddy fell into the pond! And everyone's face grew merry and bright, And Timothy danced for sheer delight. "Give me the camera, quick, oh quick! He's crawling out of the duckweed!" Click! Then the gardener suddenly slapped his knee, And doubled up, shaking silently, And the ducks all quacked as if they were daft, And it sounded as if the old drake laughed. Oh, there wasn't a thing that didn't respond When Daddy Fell into the pond! In My Toy Box   There is a toy box in my room And there are many toys. Some toys are only good for girls And some for girls and boys. There is a clown in a big red hat There are some Lego blocks, There is an orange dinosaur, There is a chair that rocks. There are two teddy bears, a doll. There is a plastic clock. There are five soldiers and a plane There is an old red sock. A Smile A smile is quite a funny thing, It wrinkles up you face, And when it's gone, you never find  Its secret hiding place. But far more wonderful it is To see what smiles can do; You smile at one, he smiles at you, And so one smile makes two. He smiles at someone since you smiled, And then that one smiles back; And that one smiles, until in truth You fail in keeping track. Now since a smile can do great good By cheering hearts of care, Let's smile and smile and not forget That smiles go everywhere! The Autumn   Clouds, wind and rain You have brought again. You have dressed the trees In colourful leaves. I don’t know why You have stained the sky. You have made all wet, You have made me sad. Still there is a hat, High boots and all that. Still there is a home And a friend to phone. Look in a Book Look in a book and you will see words and magic and mystery. Look in a book and you will find sense and nonsense of every kind. Look  in a book and you will know all the things that can help you grow. In winter I get up at night And dress by yellow candle-light. In summer, quite the other way, I have to go to bed by day. I have to go to bed and see The birds still hopping on the tree, Or hear the grown-up people’s feet Still going past me in the street. And does it not seem hard to you, When all the sky is clear and blue, And I should like so much to play, To have to go to bed by day? My Dog Jack I have a dog, His name is Jack, His coat is white With spots of black. I take him out Every day, Such fun we have, We run and play. Such clever tricks My dog can do, I love my dog, He loves me, too. Important Rules   Here are some rules for you and me, See how important they can be. Always be honest, be kind and fair Always be good and willing to share. These are rules we all should know, We follow these rules wherever we go. My Teddy Bear I always take my teddy bear Everywhere, everywhere. In a bag with me to school; Or to the swimming pool; On a bus or in the train; In the sun or in the rain; In my bed late in night I say to him «Good night!» My Promise   Each day I’ll do my best, And I won’t do any less. My work will always please me, And I won’t accept a mess. I’ll colour very carefully, My writing will be neat, And I will not be happy, ‘Till my papers are complete. I’ll always do my homework, And try my best on every test. I won’t forget my promise, To do my very best. Four Seasons Winter, spring, Summer, fall There are four seasons. I know them all. Winter is a time for snow Spring is when the tulips grow Summer is when I wear short sleeves Fall is when I rake the leaves. Little Things   Little drops of water, Little grains of sand, Make the mighty ocean And the pleasant land.   Thus the little minutes, Humble though they be, Make the mighty ages Of eternity. Little deeds of kindness,  Little words of love,  Help to make earth happy  Like the Heaven above.  Six Serving Men   I Keep six honest serving-men: (They taught me all I knew) Their names are What and Where and When And How and Why and Who I send them over land and sea, I send them east and west; But after they have worked for me, I give them all a rest. I let them rest from nine till five. For I am busy then, As well as breakfast, lunch, and tea, For they are hungry men: But different folk have different views: I know a person small   She keeps ten million serving men, Who get no rest at all! She sends them abroad on her own affairs, From the second she opens her eyes One million Hows, two million Wheres, And seven million Whys! The End