Комплексная работа по английскому языку по итогам 2016-2017 учебного года 5 класс

Комплексная работа
по английскому языку
по итогам 2016-2017 учебного года
учени___ 5____ класса
Part 1. Reading
Задание А1(базовый уровень - на 3).
Внимательно прочитай текст и выполни нижеприведенные задания.
Прочитай текст и выбери правильный вариант.
My aunt is tall and beautiful with long red hair and big green eyes. She
always wears nice clothes. Today she is wearing a wonderful black dress. She is
going to the theatre. Olga often goes to the theatre. She is fond of plays and reads a
lot. She usually helps me with my Literature classes.
It’s eight o’clock now. Olga is at the theatre. She is watching a modern play.
The actors are playing well. Some people are looking at their programmes for the
names of the actors. I think my aunt will like the play.
1.Olga is a tall woman with …….eyes.
a. blue b. black c. green
2. She is always wear …….
a. well-dressed b. nice clothes c. bad clothes
3. She always helps her niece with …….
a. Maths b. Literature c. English
4. She is wearing a beautiful dress because she is going to the……. .
a. theatre b. cinema c. school
5. Olga is fond of ……
a. swimming b. reading c. dancing
Задание A2. (повышенный уровень - на 4,5):
Прочитайте текст и отметьте утверждения правда(T), неправда(F).
The Greens are a British family. Mr. Green is a builder and Mrs. Green is a
housewife. There are three children in the family: a son and two daughters. Mike is
thirteen years old, Sandy is twelve and Kate is ten.
All the three children are pupils. Mike is at the boys’ school; his sisters are at
a school for girls. Mike is a tall boy. He is clever. He is a very good pupil.
Sandy has dark hair and brown eyes. She is a pretty girl, she is clever and a
good pupil. Her sister Kate is a nice girl with long fair hair and large blue eyes. She
is good at music.
The Greens are in Australia now. Mr. Green’s uncle is a farmer. His house
and farm in Australia are in a village. The Greens are in their uncle’s house now.
The house is big. It is on a hill. It is summer now. In Australia January,
February, March and April are summer months.
The school in the village is small. In fact, it is a one-room school. There is
only one teacher for all the pupils. The garden around the school is very beautiful.
The Greens are fond of the farm and the school in the village.
1. The Greens are an American family.______
2. There are three children in the family._______
3. Mike is smaller than Kate._______
4. Mike is not a short boy. _______
5. Sandy is not a good pupil. ______
6. Kate has got brown eyes. ______
7. Mr. Green’s uncle is a builder. _______
8. It is summer in Australia now.________
9. The Greens live in their grandma’s house in Australia. ______
10. There is no garden round the school. ______
Part 2. Vocabulary and grammar.
Задание В1. (базовый уровень - на 3)
Выбери правильный вариант
1. Bill … his homework in his room.
a. do b. does c. doing
2. Sue has got two … in her pencil case.
a. pens b. pen c. eraser
3. Hi, David. … are you from?
a. when b. who c. where
4. This is Carla’s car. It’s … car.
a. shes b. her c. their
5. … you got new trainers on?
a. do b. are c. have
Задание В2. (повышенный уровень - на4, 5)
Прочитай текст. Выбери правильный вариант. Запиши его.
People all over ___the ___world love to eat and a lot of people go out (1)________
have a meal in a restaurant. Some people go to restaurants (2)________ their
families or friends (3)_________ it’s their birthday or at Christmas. Some people
eat lunch or dinner in restaurants (4)_______ they are away from home or don’t
(5)________ time to go home and cook. There are many different kinds (6)______
restaurant. You can find (7)______ in big cities and you can (8)_______ go and eat
in restaurants in the countryside. Some restaurants are very famous and they might
(9)_______ expensive. Be careful if you have to pay because you might
(10)_________ a lot of money!
a the every
1. to for from
2. by like with
3. what where when
4. so because and
5. having has have
6. of on at
7. them it us
8. yet also too
9. were been be
10. need needing needed
Part 3. Writing
Задание С1. (максимальный уровень- на 4,5)
Ответь на письмо своего друга по переписке. Ответь на два его вопроса о
твоей школе.
Hi Nikita,
How are you? I'm fine. I'm at my new school. It is very big and it is great. I like my
classmates. They are very friendly. We have four lessons every day. My favourite
subject is Maths. My Math teacher Ms. Brown is very nice!
Write me about your school this year! Is your school big? What's your favourite
Best wishes,