Тест "Западные демократии" 10 класс

Unit 2
Lexical test
1. Translate .
1. Legislative body
2. Federal laws
3. Basic rights
4. To veto laws
5. To declare
6. Executive branches
7. To interfere with
8. Aims
9. Local communities
10. To exercise power
2. Match the numbers with the letters.
1. Monarchy a. A set of laws guaranteed to the citizens
2. Democracy b. When people have a lot of freedom
3. Parliament c. When there is a monarch and parliament at the same time
4. Parliamentary monarchy d. Elected head of the state
5. President e. When a king or a queen rule the country alone
6. Constitution f. A group of elected people who discuss problems and make laws
1. The President a. Heads of he most important departments
2. Congress b. The branch of government consisting of the House of
Representatives, the Senate
3. the Administration c.a judical branch
4. the Supreme Court d. The branch of power consisting of the President, Vice President,
and the Administration
5. the Cabinet e. The leader of the party winning in the elections
4.Choose the correct variant.
1.the Head of the State in the UK is the…
a) President
b) Prime Minister
c) Vice President
2.The Congress of the USA consists of the…
a) House of Commons and Lords
b) Supreme Court and the Federal Assembly
c) House of Representatives and the Senate
3.The Head of state of Russia is the…
a) Queen b) President c) Prime Minister
4. The House of Lords in the UK..
a)examines and revises bills b)makes laws c) rules the country
5.The Duma consists of…
a) 450 deputies b) 435 members c) 650 members.
5.Open the brackets.Use Passive Voise.
1. The US President (to elect) by all men and women over 18.
2. The Cabinet (to appoint) by the President.
3. The branches of Government (to check) equally by each other.