Контрольная работа "Грамматика"

Контрольная работа по теме «Грамматика»
1. Which word would you insert?
speak, talk, say or tell?
They …English quite well.
She is going to … at the meeting.
So you …!
You are … lies
… me please, what’s the date?
Lena … that it takes 2 hours to get to London.
Mother … … with aunt about the holidays.
I should… not!
2. Use or not Capitals.
the (E/e)nglish
the (B/b) ritish (M/m)useum
the (M/m) idle (A/a) ges
(E/e) uropeans
the (E/e)nglish
the (B/b) ritish (M/m)useum
the (M/m) idle (A/a) ges
(N/n)ew (Y/y)ear’s (D/d)ay
(L/l)ady (D/d)iana
“(T/t)he (C/c)ather (I/i)n (T/t)he (R/r)ye”
3. Express the same in Russian.
The stranger’s smiling face was kind and I smiled back.
At 9 o’clock the finished work was lying on my desk.
The trees growing in front of the school were given to us as a present.
The news brought by my friend was exciting: we would go to Moscow
The class was busy working.
Have you noticed the broken window?
4. Use ing forms and say what
1) you prefer doing on Sunday morning and Saturday evening
2) you enjoy doing in winter
3) you love/hate doing most of all
4) you begin/start doing as soon as you come home from school
5. Form self pronouns and translate the sentences:
Мой друг и я пошли посмотреть, что случилось ( я сам)
Она растерялась, но через минуту стала сама собой
Марк показал себя на фотографии
Мой отец был музыкантом как и я сам
Собака открывает дверь сама
Братья сами были недовольны своим выступлением на соревнованиях.