Конспект урока английского языка "Разговор по телефону" 4 класс

Конспект урока английского языка в 4 классе.
Учебник- М.З. Биболетова
Тема урока: Разговор по телефону.
Учитель: Кубата О.В.
Ц е л и : тренировка произносительных навыков, умения читать слова
в транскрипции по теме «Разговор по телефону»; применение в речи ранее
изученного грамматического материала (Past Simple, Present Simple, modal
verbs); развитие навыков говорения (диалогическая речь) и аудирования.
I. Introduction.
II. Warming-up.
Pupils answer the following questions.
1) Did you watch TV yesterday?
2) When did you watch TV?
3) Who else watched TV yesterday evening?
4) Did you like the film?
5) What games did you play yesterday?
6) Did you play games in the morning or in the evening?
III. Phonetic exercises (ex. 34, p. 76).
Teacher. Listen, read and learn the words.
phone call to speak
to phone back to ring up
telephone sorry
great pity
Teacher. Listen, read and act out the dialogue. Learn how to answer phone calls.
IV. Lexical activities.
Teacher. Learn how to say telephone numbers. Say “0” like the letter “o” or the
word “oh”, [əʊ].
Exampl e : 4312086 four, three, one, two, oh, eight, six.
For double number, 55, say “double five”.
Ex ample: 7065544 seven, oh, six, double five, double four.
Te a c h e r . Practice telling your own telephone numbers.
V. Speaking (Dialogical Speech).
1. Ex. 35, p. 76.
Te a c h e r . Make up dialogues. Use the following phrases.
Can I speak to … ?
I’m sorry. He/She isn’t in.
Can you phone back at … ?
What a pity!
Of course…
2. Ex. 36, p. 76.
Te a c h e r . Phone Mag or Jim. He/She isn’t at home. You speak with her mum or
Ex ample:
1 (Alex)
. Hello! This is Alex speaking! Can I speak to Mag?
2 (Mag’s mum)
. I’m sorry, Alex. She isn’t in!
. What a pity!
. Alex! Can you phone back at 3 o’clock?
. Of course, I can. Thank you. Bye.
. Bye.
3. Ex. 37, p. 76.
Te a c h e r . Say what you usually do at this time. Use the words from the
exercises. Note that am is between 12 midnight and 12 noon and pm is between 12
noon and 12 midnight.
Ex ample:
. I usually wash my hands and face at 7.00 am, have breakfast at 7.15 am and go
to school at 7.30 am.
. I usually do my homework at 4.10 pm, walk with my dog at 5.30 pm and read a
book and watch TV at 7.10 pm.
4. Ex. 38, p. 77.
Te a c h e r . Look at the clocks at p. 77 and say what time it is. Now look at the
times in ex. 37 and do the same task.
VI. The conclusion of the lesson.
Homework: ex. 9, p. 83; read ex. 34, p. 76.