Презентация "A great meeting. Welcome to Russia. We are glad to meet you in Surgut" 8 класс

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A great meeting Welcome to Russia. We are glad to meet you in Surgut The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin
  • announced the year of 2014 as the Culture
  • Year
A great meeting Gimnasia№2








Aerial view of Cambridge city center

St Bene't's is a Church of England parish church in central Cambridge, England

Peterhouse was the first college to be founded in the University of Cambridge.

King’s College Chapel

King’s Parade

Cambridge was founded in the 1st century.

Cambridge University

Cambridge International School Cambridge International School opened in Cambridge in September 2006 and admits pupils aged from 3 to 16. The school has expanded rapidly and now occupies three sites within the Cambridge area. There are 218 pupils in it The majority of pupils are bi-lingual, and speak English as an additional language . The school teaches a variety of languages from an early age and supports learning in the home language. The school aims to provide pupils with a stimulating international environment . Cambridge international school

Ecological club

Drama Club

Windsurfing Club

Sailing Club

School orchestra band

Surgut is one of the oldest Siberian cities. It was founded by Tsar Fyodor Ioannovich on February 19, 1594.

Monument to Surgut founders

Surgut cathedral

Aerial view of Surgut city center

Surgut State University

Historical and cultural center “Stary Surgut” (Surgut of the Past);

School of learning

foreign languages

My school has different cultural and sport traditions.You can join these clubs:

Gymnasia №2,


The school newspaper”Bell”

TV-radio studio ”Insite”

SchoolMuseum of culture,

history,traditions of our


Club:”So many countries,so many traditions”

Drama Club “Mask”

Sport Game Club:



Dancing Club

Ecological Forum Club

School musical band

Singing Club

Our meeting

British traditions

Russian traditions

School traditions

Cambridge Student Exam: KET

Foreign Language Exam: Russian

Cross cultural meeting