Презентация "Do you like holidays?" 5 класс

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Do you like holidays?
  • St Valentine’s Day [snt ‘væləntaınz ֽdeı] sign [ sain]
  • Christmas [‘krısməs] hollow [ holəu]
  • Easter [‘i:stə] roast turkey [reust]
  • New Year [‘nju: ֽjıə]
  • Motherland Defender’s Day [‘m٨ðəlænd dı‘fendəz ֽdeı]
  • Day of Knowledge [‘deı əv ‘nolıdƷ]
  • Women’s Day [‘wımınz ֽdeı]
  • Victory Day [‘vıktərı ֽdeı]
  • May Day [meı ֽdeı]
  • Mother’s Day ['m٨ðəzֽdeı]
  • Make presents for my relatives
  • Make telephone calls
  • Have a picnic with my friends
  • Visit my friends
  • Buy presents for my friends and relatives
  • Send postcards
  • Cook special dishes
  • Go out with my friends
  • Invite my friends to my place
  • roast turkey [reust]
  • What else come to your mind when you think about holidays?
  • ( When I think about holidays, I think….)
  • What do you know about St. Valentine’s Day? (Easter?)
  • How do the British celebrate Christmas? (New Year, Mother’s Day)
  • What holidays celebrate in our country?
What holidays celebrate only Russia? Why Victory Day is a special holiday?
  • (Victory Day is a special day because…..)
Fill the table. Tell your classmates about one of the holidays.
  • Holidays
  • When we celebrate
  • How we celebrate
  • New Year
  • Christmas
  • Women’s Day
  • Use: buy/give presents,send special cards,celebrate,decorete the room,cook special dishes,invite relatives and friends, sing songs, play games,dance,have a military parade,set off fireworks,take photos, have a good time
  • Easter
  • Victory Day
  • St. Valentaine’s Day
What are the most popular holidays in your family?
  • Which holidays do you like most of all?
  • How do you celebrate it?
  • What presents you would like to get for your favourite holiday?
  • Thank you for the lesson