Презентация "Round-the - World Tour" 7 класс

Подписи к слайдам:
  • Different Kinds of Transport
Learn the poem!
  • In the street you can see Buses, cars and a taxi. In the sky there is a plane, On the rails there is a train.
A plane A train A van A double-decker bus An airship A helicopter A spaceship A ship A boat A car A bicycle A motorcycle Underground Devide the words into 3 groups:
  • A plane, a train, a van, a double-decker bus, an airship, a helicopter, a spaceship, a ship, a boat, a car, a bicycle, a coach, a motorcycle, Underground
  • travelling by sea
  • travelling in the sky
  • travelling on land
  • Степени сравнения прилагательных
  • Положительная
  • (Positive)
  • Сравнительная
  • (Comparative)
  • Превосходная
  • (Superlative)
  • fast faster the fastest
  • big bigger the biggest
  • popular more popular the most popular
  • good better the best
  • Bad worse the worst
Form comparative and superlative degrees of the adjectives
  • Boring
  • dangerous
  • cheap
  • expensive
  • interesting
  • fast
  • slow
  • Safe
  • good
  • bad
  • noisy
  • quiet
  • clean
  • comfortable
What kind of transport do you prefer? Why?
  • Example:
  • I prefer travelling by car because it is more comfortable and more entertaining.
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