Конспект урока "A bus tour to…" 7 класс

Тема урока: A bus tour to…
Тип урока
Цели урока:1. Познавательный аспект – знакомство со столицей
Великобритании и её достопримечательностями.
2. Развивающий аспект – развитие способности к догадке,
коммуникабельности, способность осуществлять репродуктивные и
продуктивные речевые действия.
3. Воспитательный аспект – воспитание уважительного толерантного
отношения к чужой культуре.
Форма урока: визуальная экскурсия по Лондону.
Ход урока.
1. Оргмомент. Разговор с классом.
Hello, boys and girls. I am very glad to see you today. Sit down, please.
How are you doing? I am fine too. My name is Guzel Minazimovna.
Today we will work together.
Do you like computer games? Do you like sports? What is your favourite
sport? Do you like to travel? Have you ever been to Kanash? Have you ever
been to Moscow?
I want to invite you to a bus tour today. I will be your guide. (идет слайд с
видами Лондона 3 ) Do you know where we are going? Yes, you are
right! (слайд № 4) We are going to a bus tour around London. London is the
capital of Great Britain. It stands on the river Thames. It is one of the most
beautiful cities of the world.
2. Here is a list of places we are going to visit. (слайд № 5) Let’s read these
words after me.
Now I want you to read these words in groups. Please, face each other and
read again one by one. Ok, thank you. Let’s continue.
3. Now, you should say these words in English. (слайд № 6 ) (клик) The
English translation is given here, but the words are mixed. You must find the
right translation. Let’s start, what is the English for Лондон?
4. Boys and girls, it’s time to start our bus tour around London. Please, take your
seats and let’s go. (слайд № 7 )
(слайды 8-17 )
Do you see this wonderful building? It is a ….
Now you can see a tall tower. What is it? It is Big Ben.
Oh, you see a great church. It is Westminster Abbey.
We are in Trafalgar Square, aren’t we?
5. Our bus tour has finished. I hope it was interesting. I think you are tired of
sitting. Let’s do some exercises. (слайд № 18) At first listen to me and look
at me. Please, stand up. Let’s do together. Thank you, sit down.
6. Let’s see how well you remember the landmarks in London. (слайд № 19)
The next task is “Match the pictures and the names. Work in pairs, please.
Let’s check your answers. Who is ready? (слайд № 20)
Yes, you are right.
7. Now you should match the columns. (слайд № 21) Look through the
columns. We will do this exercise orally. Ok, who will be the first?
8. The next task is “Fill in the words. (слайд № 22) Now we will work in
Let’s check your answers. Which group will be the first? (слайд № 23)
9. My dear boys and girls, you have seen a lot in London. Did you like London?
Which landmark did you like most? And now children you can write and send
a postcard from London to your parents or your friends about the landmarks
you visited in London and liked most. I’ll give you the cards.(слайд № 24)
10. And our last task is “Finish the sentences”. (слайд № 25 ) We will do it
11. Завершение урока.
Our trip has finished. Did you like the bus tour? What landmarks have you
visited? Did you learn a lot about London?
You have been so clever, so active today. Thank you for your job.
(слайд № 26 ) I hope one day you will go to London and see all these
wonderful places with your own eyes.