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Sightseeing tour


Hello ladies and


We welcome you

to London.

It is one of the largest

cities in the world.

London is more than

two thousand years

old. You will see all

interesting places

of London from our

red double-decker.

The Queen

of Great Britain-

Elizabeth II

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is

the London home of

the Queen.

When the flag is flying

on the top she is at

home. Look, they are

changing the Guard.

It happens every day

at 11.30 a.m.

Westminster Abbey

It is a royal church

Westminster Abbey

The funeral service

for Diana,

Princess of Wales

took place in

Westminster Abbey

in September 1997

Tower Bridge

From the Tower Bridge, over the river Thames you can see the Tower of London

The Tower of London

The Tower of London is a museum now.

There are a lot of interesting

collections in it.

The ravens are another famous sight. The legend says that without them the Tower will fall. The Raven Master is the person who gives them food.

Big Ben

The Houses

of Parliament

The Houses of Parliament is the seat of the British government.

Big Ben is the biggest clock in the world.

St.Paul's Cathedral

It is the greatest

work of the architect

Sir Christopher Wren

Trafalgar Square

On the column

in the centre

there is a statue

of Admiral Nelson who defeated the

French at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.


1.Big Ben is

-a palace

- a bell

-a square

2.The Queen lives in

- The Tower of London

- Buckingham Palace

- Windsor Palace

3.The Bloody

Tower is in

-the Tower of London

- The Houses of Parliament

-Westminster Abbey

4. The Queen’s

name is

- Diana

- Elizabeth

- Catherine

5.The country’s leaders speak in

-the Houses of Parliament

- Big Ben

-Buckingham Palace

6.The Tower of London is …now

-a museum

-a royal palace

-a prison

7.The architect of

St. Paul’s Cathedral is

-Daniel Defoe

- Christopher Wren

- Mark Twain

The Flag and the coat

of arms of Great Britain.

Great Britain

Put in the missing letters, please. T—er t—rist bri—e m-n-ment bl—dy g—de g-l-ery pal—e well- -no-n le--nd Make up words.
  • f,m,i,o,r,n,a,i,t,o,n
  • k,e,e,e,w,n,d
  • m,s,u,m,e,u
  • r,i,f,o,a,v,u,t,e
  • s,a,m,o,u,f
  • d,i,l,b,u,i,g,n
Listen to the explanations and match the words and the definitions.
  • Building
  • City
  • Tourist
  • Guide
  • Capital
  • Gallery
  • 1.The main city in the country 2.Something like a house having walls and a roof 3.a very large busy town 4.A person who takes people round places such as cities and museums 5.A person travelling for pleasure 6.A place where people can see paintings and sculptures
Well done!

Well done!

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