Презентация "Ordering flowers" 6 класс

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December, 13th

Ordering flowers Rose- роза Rose- роза Sunflower – подсолнечник Lotus – лотос Lily- лилия Lavender – лаванда Orchid – орхидея Tulip – тюльпан Blue Bell – колокольчик Carnation – гвоздика Daffodil – нарцисс Daisy – маргаритка(ромашка) Chrysanthemum –хризантема Ex.2 p.50 • I'd like to send some flowers, please. • When would you like us to send them? • A dozen red roses. • Would you like to include a card? • That will be £40 including delivery. Ex.3 p.50

In a flower shop

Ex.4 p.50
  • It's Mother's day and
  • you want to order some flowers for your mother. Work in pairs. Take roles and act out the dialogue between you and the shop assistant. Use the sentences in Ex. 2.
Ordering flowers on-line
  • http://www.serenataflowers.com/sendflowers/london.htm
  • http://www.flowers24hours.co.uk/
  • http://www.direct2florist.co.uk/greater-london/flowers-delivery-london/
Let’s revise
  • Let’s revise
  • A joke