Презентация "The Best Place that makes you happy” 4 класс

Подписи к слайдам:
The Best Place in the World.

1.Megan’s room is small but nice. True.

2.Megan has a lot of good things. True.

3.Megan has a computer. False.

4.Megan’s room is not very tidy. False.

5.Megan’s friends like her room. True.

-it is on the floor a fire-place - you can make a fire in it a living-room - we watch TV in this room a computer -we can play games on it a carpet - there is a bed in the room a bookcase -we sit on it a bedroom - we eat and drink a chair in the room -it is for our books a kitchen Let`s do exercises!




There is no place like home. East or West, home is best. My house is my castle. Oh, home, sweet home.