Конспект урока "Travelling. London and its historical sights" 8 класс

Илларионова Розалия Равильевна,
Покровская улусная
многопрофильная гимназия,
г. Покровск, РС(Я)
Travelling. London and its historical sights
1.Активизация тематической лексики в устной речи учащихся в
диалогической и монологической форме ;
2.Научить выделять главное в потоке информации;
3.Воспитание потребности расширять свой кругозор о стране
изучаемого иностранного языка;
Форма проведения: интерактивная беседа; заочное путешествие
Учебное пособие: УМК В.П. Кузовлева для 8 класса; М.: Просвещение,
План урока
1. Организационный момент
1.) Приветствие учащихся
2. Речевая зарядка
1) Беседа с учащимися по теме «Путешествие»
3. Активизация тематической лексики в устной речи учащихся:
А) монологической речи
Б) диалогической речи
4.Выполнение лексических упражнений
5.Итоги урока
Ход урокa
I. T: Good morning, boys and girls! I am glad to see you. How are you
II.T: Oh! I have nice news. Yesterday my son came back from Egypt. He was so
satisfied with his travelling. He admired that ancient country: its pyramids, cities
and historical sights. My son travelled there by plane. I also like travelling.
-Tell me please if you like travelling?
P1: Yes, it’s a good idea to travel anywhere, see different places, visit many cities
and meet with their people. I think people’s life is sometimes really impossible
without travelling.
-Why do a lot of people travel?
P2: There are different reasons for that, I think. Some of them travel for pleasure
and there people who go on a business trip.
- What ways of travelling do you know?
P3: Actually there are a lot of ways of travelling which anyone may choose.
People may travel by air, by rail way, by sea, by road and on foot.
- Which way of travelling do you prefer?
P4: No doubt it’s actually rather pleasant to travel by air because it is the most
convenient way of travelling but on the other hand it is also the most expensive
way of travelling and there are many people who can’t afford it.
T: Thank you, boys and girls. I’m pleased with your questions and answers about
III.T: At our today’s English lessons I’d like to offer you to make a virtual tour. It
will be Britain and its capital. (Ребята повторяют названия основных
достопримечательностей Лондона, отрабатывая произношение слов).
We make take a trip around London on a boat along the Thames or go for a drive
in a London double-decker. But there is also an unusual way to see London
London Observation Wheel. It is also called The Millennium Wheel or the London
Eye. It is 135 meters high. It’s the world’s tallest observation wheel. Many people
come to see it and this Wheel has become one of the most modern outstanding
London’s attractions. One can see views for 45 km. around.
- Now tell me please what historical sight of London is.
P1: It’s Big Ben.
-T: Yes, it’s the Clock Tower. It stands near Westminster Palace and the clock of
the tower has four faces. Inside there is a very loud bell which weighs more than
13 tons. The tower was built in the 19
century. Sir Benjamin Hall was in charge
of the building of the Clock Tower. He was a very tall man. And in honour of Sir
Benjamin Hall people called the clock Big Ben.
- And do you know this sight?
P2: I think it’s Trafalgar Square with Nelson’s Column in the middle of it.
T: Trafalgar Square is one of the most famous attractions in London. In the middle
of it there is Nelson’s Column with a statue of Nelson on the top. Nelson was the
famous British Admiral who won historical victories against Napoleon.
In Trafalgar Square there is the National Gallery which contains great
masterpieces of art and sculpture. They were brought from many other countries
of the whole world.
- Thank you. But there are also some other London sights to admire.
What are they?
P3: I think it’s the Tower of London.
T: You are right. It`s the Tower of London. In the early days of the history of
England English kings lived in the Tower which was also a royal palace, a castle, a
fortress and a prison. Nowadays it is a museum of the past where black ravens
live and there is the Raven Master look after the ravens and feed them. According
to a legend Britain will exist as long as there are ravens in the Tower.
- Why is Buckingham Palace so important for all Englishmen?
P4: I know it is Buckingham Palace. It is the official London Residence of the
British Royal family.
T: Do you want to know about Westminster Abbey? OK. I say some words. It was
founded in 1065 by Edward the Confessor. All the English monarchs were
crowned there in the past. Westminster Abbеy is famous for many outstanding
people who were buried there: Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Robert Burns,
Charles Darwin.
And of course, there are many famous museums In London such as the British
Museums, Madam Tussaud’s museum of waxworks. It’s rich in collection of life
size wax portraits of King and Queens, politicians, stars of films, television and
pop, sportsmen.
Our virtual excursion lesson is coming to an end. I am pleased with our today’s
excursion lesson.
And I’m sure you will be able find the correct answers to these questions.
1. What is the capital of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern
a. Sidney b. London c. Cardiff
2. What is the name of the river on which the British capital is situated?
a. the Thames b. the Severn c. the Clyde
3. What was the Tower of London in the past?
a. a museum b. a prison c. a fortress
4. What is the official London residence of the British Royal family?
a. Tower of London b. Buckingham Palace c. Westminster Abbey
5. What is Westminster Abbey?
a. A church b. a palace c. a theatre
6. How do people call the London Clock Tower?
a. museum b.Big Ben c. TV Tower
7. What are the laws of Great Britain made by?
a. the Congress b.the Parliament c. the State Duma
8. What is the monument situated in Trafalgar Square?
a. William Shakespeare b. Sir benjamin Hall c. Admiral Nelson
Thank you, boys and girls. I see you found out a lot of interesting facts, information about the capital of
the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland during our virtual travelling.