Конспект урока “Health and illnesses” 7 класс

Урок английского языка в 7 классе на тему
Health and illnesses
Цель: создать условия для приобретения учащимися опыта творческой
деятельности по обобщению знаний в рамках темы “Health”(по учебнику
«Английский язык» Т.Т.Аяповой издательства Алматы «Атамұра»)
Образовательная: совершенствование навыков аудирования, диалогической
и монологической речи, чтения , письма, обобщение лексического материала;
Развивающая: развитие умений учащихся обобщать, сравнивать,
формулировать свою точку зрения.
Воспитательная: приобщение учащихся к здоровому образу жизни,
привитие умения самостоятельной работы.
Оборудование: интерактивная доска, тексты, рисунки, карточки с
Методы: словесный, наглядный, практический, интерактивный.
Формы: индивидуальная, групповая.
Procedure of the lesson:
I.Org. moment: Hello, everybody! Glad to see you! By the way, how are you?
Are you OK? I hope so. Are you happy? I hope so.
II. Brainstorming: Today at the lesson we will take a look at one aspect of our
It is something which we take for granted while it is there but need it terribly when
it is gone. What is it?
(pupils’ answers: friendship, money , health, family , etc)
In order to guess the topic of our lesson you should look at the picture and write
the names of the parts of this boy’s body marked with numbers and the first letters
will help you to see the word. (слайд2)
Number 9 (Hand)
2 (Eye)
8 (Arm)
11 (Leg)
13 (Teeth)
3 (Hair)
So the topic of today’s lesson is “ Health and illnesses”. We will revise everything
we’ve learnt about health.
III. Phonetic drill. Today we’ll speak about health, good and bad habits.
What good habits do you know?
Pupils: (предполагаемые ответы)
1. sleeping seven or eight hours
2. getting up early
3. eating breakfast
4. a healthy diet (following a diet)
5. eating low fat food
6. eating high fibre food
7. eating wholemeal bread
8. exercising
9. going in for sport
10. eating less of everything
11. eating less sweets, salt.
Teacher What bad habits do you know?
Pupils: (предполагаемые ответы)
1. drinking alcohol
2. taking drugs
3. smoking
4. environmental influence
5. eating more red meat
6. sleeping much or little
7. physical inactivity
IV. Our lesson will be in the form of competition. You will take part in different
The winner will be the team with the most right answers.
Now let’s start. The first task is to make up sentences . They may be proverbs or
good rules. You must be friendly and help each other in difficult circumstances.
1. The first wealth is health.
2. Good health is above wealth.
3. A healthy mind in a healthy body.
4. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
5. Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise
The next task: you should form words using the parts of words.
ture medy mist’s thy
tor in pera cine ger mix
fin som pres heal tient
re sure doc den che tist
weal pa nia tem
(temperature, patient, pressure, chemist’s, healthy, wealthy, mixture, doctor ,
dentist, insomnia, finger)
V. Физкультминутка
VI. Диалогическая речь.
Teacher - Some times we are ill and we go to see a doctor. Let’s dramatize some
episodes: “At the doctor’s”
At the Doctor's
P: Good morning!
D: Good morning! Come in! Sit down, please! What's the matter?
P: I've got a sore throat and a headache.
D: Have you got a temperature?
P: Yes, I have got.
D: Open your mouth. I want to look at your throat. Oh, it looks sore.
Р: Can you give me pills?
D: An injection is better than pills.
P: Will I recover, doctor?
D: Yes. If you rest today.
P: Thank you, doctor. Good-bye.
D: Good-bye.
VII. Брейн-ринг
T: You should be not only healthy but wise. Now we'll have brain-ring.
(Учитель называет слово по теме, ученики дают его определение.)
Т: Hospital.
Р: A place where we get medical help.
T: Pill.
P: Small round things that we take to recover.
T: Doctor.
P: A person who gives us medical help.
T: Prescription.
P: A sheet of paper with the help of which we take medicine at the chemist.
T: Health.
P: A state of being well.
Т: Ambulance.
Р: А саг that takes a patient to the hospital.
T: An eye.
P: A part of a body that helps us to see the world.
You should be not only healthy but wise. While the jury will be counting your
points to determine the winner I suggest you to play the game “Closed circle”.Each
of you will get a card divided into 2 parts: a question on the left and an answer on
the right but it is the answer to the other question. A pupil with card № 1 will start.
1.You put this on a cut. (Sport, vitamins)
A pain in your ear. (Plaster)
She looks after you in hospital. (Earache)
You feel hot when you have high…. (Nurse)
You get this if you eat too much. (temperature)
An order for medicine made by a doctor. (Stomachache)
One of two organs of breathing. (Prescription)
What is harmful for health? (Lung)
What is good for health ? (Drugs, cigarettes, alcohol)
VI. Now it’s time to listen to the decision of the jury about the winners.
We congratulate the winners.
Our game is over. I thank you for the fruitful work.
Your hometask will be to make up an advertisement to healthy lifestyle.