План-конспект урока "Идеальная школа" 7 класс

ГБОУ СОШ №1355
с углубленным изучением экономики и информатики.
План - конспект
урока английского языка №4.
учитель: Константинова И. П.
г. Москва
Предмет: английский язык
Класс 7
Раздел программы: Раздел 3. УМК Enjoy English 4” ( М.З. Биболетова,
Н.В. Трубанева )
Тема урока «Идеальная школа»
Используемые современные образовательные технологии: проектная
Цели урока: 1. Обучающая - совершенствование навыка восприятия на слух
поэтического текста и выражения своего отношения к тексту
2. Развивающая – закрепление навыка систематизации и отбора
лексических средств, необходимых для решения предложенной
коммуникативной задачи;
- развитие креативных способностей учащихся.
3. Воспитательная – развитие навыка работы в команде.
Оборудование: - компьютер.
Этапы урока:
1. Орг.момент и совместное целеполагание.
2. Аудирование стихотворения.
3. Просмотр и озвучивание видеосюжета.
4. Работа в группах над созданием проекта школы.
5. Итоги урока.
6. Рефлексия.
На уроке используется продуктивный лексический материал по теме “School
грамматический материал: употребление Present/Future Active/Passive,
I would like to…, оборота There is/are…
1. Организация класса и совместное целеполагание.
- Hello, friends. How are you today? Fine, thanks. And you? I’m OK. Friends,
we are going to design a perfect school for our town. Are you ready?
2. Аудирование стихотворения “School Days” и беседа с учащимися по
содержанию прослушанного. (упр. 45 с. 71 Student’s Book)
Susan Whithworth.
School Days.
The happiest days of your whole life
(So all the grown-ups say),
But I would never go to school
If I could have my way.
My pencil point is broke,
My pen’s run out of ink
My head’s just filled with sawdust
And with sawdust you can’t think.
The happiest days of your whole life!
(So all the grown-ups say)
But I would never go to school
If I could have my way!
- Do you agree that school is a very important thing for every student?
- What are the advantages/disadvantages of school life?
- Were your parents happy at school?
- Are you happy at school?
3. Озвучивание видеосюжета.
Т: Some students have made a film for us. It’s a pity, they haven’t got enough time
to sound track it. Watch the video and tell your classmates about your school.
- Our school is neither old nor new. It is made of grey stone. It is a 3-storey
building situated in the centre of our town. This is our playground. Look! They are
playing football. Goal! That’s it.
- Now we are in the hall. There is a cloak-room on the left and the Head’s room on
the right. Our secretary. She helps the Head with documents. On the walls you can
see some interesting stands: Students’ Rules, Timetable, The Best Students of Our
- There are rooms for English and Mathematics on the ground floor. This is our
for boys where they learn how to work with different tools. Girls are cooking
dinner in this room. It looks very tasty.
- On the first floor one can see a library, a dining room and our gym. The workers
are painting walls in the gym. Great! Soon we’ll have Physical Training lessons
here. The Teachers’ Room is on the right. Our class teacher and Biology teacher
are discussing their problems. This is our Information Technology room. Now it
has 10 modern computers. And our History room is also well-equipped, isn’t it?
- If you go upstairs you may find yourselves on the second floor. Here we have
rooms for
Biology, Russian, Maths and Chemistry. Our Biology and Chemistry classes are
very interesting because we learn a lot of new things and do experiments.
- Though my school isn’t a modern and well-equipped one, I like it. I like my
classmates and my teachers, I enjoy school life and friendship.
Т: Do you think your school is perfect? Well, I can’t say it is a perfect one.
4. T: I hope there will be a perfect school in our town in ten years. Let’s design it
At first we should choose the place for our new school.
Учащиеся просматривают слайд-шоу и выбирают место для будущей школы.
- I think it will be situated in the central area / it will face the square / it will be
situated near the pond.
5. Работа в группах над созданием проекта школы.
На этом этапе класс делится на группы, учащимся предлагается прочитать
несколько коротких текстов из учебника и выполнить задания,
индивидуальные для каждой группы. (упр.51 с.72)
Т: Now let’s work in groups. Think of perfect school. Write down words and
expressions in accordance with the task. Share your ideas with other students. Say
what you want from school.
Первая группа выписывает из текстов слова и словосочетания, которые
помогут рассказать о том, каким будет здание идеальной школы.
Вторая группа – лексику по теме «Школьная жизнь».
Третья группа – лексику, которая может быть полезна для описания
взаимоотношений между учителями и учениками.
Таким образом, каждая из групп создает для себя Language Support.
Building School Student Relations
a two-storied building
to face the square
a flower garden
on the ground/first floor
a sports ground
a court
a lawn all-round/free education
school of extensive English learning
tests and exams
elective courses
boring subjects
nothing to do with real life
to learn new things
to have interesting school traditions
to have a lot of friends to treat each other with respect
to have kind and experienced teachers
to develop your mind/ imagination
to prepare for adult life
to talk freely about
to be praised
to punish
Наиболее подготовленные учащиеся предлагают свои высказывания с опорой
на ключевые слова, остальные слушают и дополняют их рассказы.
Possible answers:
Group 1. I think my new school will face the central square. It will be a brightly
decorated building, light and comfortable inside. On the ground floor we’ll have a
winter garden with a lot of exotic plants. Pupils on duty will take care of the plants.
Rooms for different subjects will be well-equipped and have plenty of air and light.
Students will get to school by school bus. My school will have a sports ground for
developing students’ interest in sports. One will go in for tennis, athletics, football,
basketball, etc.
Group 2. I’m sure perfect school should still be compulsory and offer all-round and
free education. I think some subjects such as Geography, History, Art, Drama
should be only studied
by students who are interested in them. These subjects have nothing to do with real
life, they
are useless and boring. I prefer the subjects that prepare us for the life outside
Perfect school in my town will be school of extensive English learning. Languages
and IT
are very important for future life. Students should study the subjects they really
enjoy. They
shouldn’t worry about tests and marks: if they don’t know much – it’s their
personal business.
Group 3. My perfect school is much like the school I study in. But I’d like our
teachers and students treat each other with more respect. Perfect school is a place
where students are allowed to speak freely about their problems in school or at
home. The rules in the school should be democratic: neither strict nor too free. I’d
like to have kind and experienced teachers who can develop your mind and
imagination. No punishment in perfect school! No school uniform and special
haircuts! It would be also nice to have a school newspaper and school radio. The
radio can be used not only for reporting news but also for the concerts prepared by
the most talented students.
Менее подготовленным ученикам предлагается составить отдельные
предложения, используя карточки с записанными словами и
6. Домашнее задание.
Т: Write a letter to your English pen friend about perfect school. Ask him/her a
question “Would you like to study in perfect school?”
7. Подведение итогов урока.