Конспект урока "Welcome to the animals fair" 3 класс

Конспект интегрированного урока английского
языка в 3Б классе.
Учитель английского яз.: Голуб Е. В.
Учитель информатики: Марчукова Н.Н.
Тема урока: Welcome to the animals fair.
Тип урока: урок- обобщение
Цель урока: контроль сформированности лексико-
грамматических навыков.
Задачи: 1) активизация лексических навыков по темам:
«животные, еда, действия »;
2) активизация грамматических навыков;
3) развитие навыков аудирования;
4) развитие навыков устной и инициативной речи;
5) развитие межпредметных связей;
Вид урока: работа в парах постоянного состава.
1). Организационный момент.
Hello, dear pupils, good morning dear guests. I’m glad to see you and I
want to know how you are today.
I see you are OK so I invite you to the animals fair. Look at the screen,
there is a map and a lot of signs. You must do what they say.
2). Repeat.
The first sign is “ repeat”. Let’s repeat the sounds and read the words.
3). Guess and spell.
Guess what animals we’ll meet and spell their names
ADPNA -----
ITERG -----
ONMEKY ------
SOHRE -----
TIBARB ------
ILCRCOEDO ---------
4). Can.
Now you must to know what our animals can do. Look at the model and
ask the questions.
5). Food.
Try to find out what these animals like to eat. First of all let’s repeat the
words on the topic FOOD. Take your places at the computers and match
the words and the pictures.
Now ask the questions to know more about the animals. Use the model
as an example
( Do the tigers like meat? Yes, they do I think)
6). Listen.
In pairs read the stories about different animals and choose the right
words in the sentences.(карточки с рассказами о разных
животных).Then read aloud your stories.(по очереди читают
Now let’s see if you listened to carefully. Take your places at the
computers and check yourselves. ) And at last answer the
questions.(краткие ответы)
7). Say.
Tell about your animals all what you know. My story about the lion is
the example. Change the underlined words and make up your story.
8). Sing.
Our traveling is finished. You worked hard and were successful. Thank
you for the lesson. And now let’s sing the song about funny animals.