Презентация "Litter lasts longer than us" 7 класс

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Litter lasts longer than us.
  • Smagina Tanya
  • Form: 7
  • I’m very worried when people throw away litter. Just think of all the litter around. Soon there won’t be any more places free of it. Near my house there is Jimukha river. It is badly polluted by trash. Empty paint containers , bits of wood and crisp packets are thrown in the river.
  • People should do something about litter, before it, too late!
How long do you think litter lasts?
  • Traffic ticket - 1 month
  • Banana peel - up to 6 months
  • Wool sock – 1 year
  • Wooden stakes – 4 years
  • Wax paper cup – 5 years
  • Painted wooden stake- 13 years
  • Tin cans – 100 years
  • Aluminum cans up to 500 years
  • Plastic bottles – up to 500 years
  • Glass containers - forever
Litter lasts longer than us
  • Today you are going camping
  • With your family , friends or class.
  • Please help us, don‘ t drop any litter
  • Because your litter lives longer than us!
  • Always put garbage in a garbage bin.
  • Recycle newspapers , bottles, and metal cans.
  • For every ton of recycled newspaper, 17 trees are saved.
  • And the energy saved by recycling one aluminum can, can operate one television set for three hours.
  • Don’t throw away things which you can reuse .
  • Don’t throw garbage in water.