Конспект урока "Shopping" 3 класс

Растемешина Е.В. Урок по теме "Shopping". УМК «Forward» 3 класс.
Основные задачи:
1. Систематизировать и расширять лексику по теме “Shopping for Food”
2. Систематизировать правила чтения буквосочетаний: tS, d3, ei и других.
Оборудование: Проектор, компьютер, карточки для предложений, предметные карточки по
теме, аудио приложение к учебнику «Forward» 3 класс.
Ход урока:
I. Организационный момент.
Good morning, children!
I‘m glad to meet you. Sit down please. The theme of our lesson today is “Shopping”.
II. Фонетическая зарядка.
First off all I want you to remember the English sounds and words on the topic “Shopping ”.
[p] plump, pepper, apple, pear
[t] nut, carrot, plate
[tS] cherry, cheese, chocolate
[d3] jam, vegetables, juice, cabbage
[i:] tea, pea, sweet, meat
[ei] cake, grapes, cocktail
Very good!
III. Речевая разминка.
Now children I will read you Russian rhymes and you must finish them in English. Let’s start.
Вкуснотища! Very Good!
Пищу называем Food.
Для Шарика, для друга
Припас я сахар – sugar.
Всегда ты сладкий ждешь сюрприз
Конфетки по-английски – sweets.
Это вовсе не каприз:
Сыр мы называем cheese.
Мясо жарится, шкварчит,
Мясо по-английски meat.
Рыбу ловишь – не шумишь,
Рыба по-английски fish.
Молоко я пить привык
Молоко иначе milk.
Вини-Пуха нет ли с вами
А то спрячу мед свой – honey.
Масло нужно всем ребятам
Масло по-английски butter.
На кухне – повар,
В рубке – мичман,
Мы кухню называем kitchen. (Картинки.)
IV. Тренировка навыков диалогической речи.
And now I want you to listen to my stories and name shops I will describe.
1. People can buy biscuits, cakes and sweets there. (At the sweet shop.)
2. You can buy fish in this shop. (At the fishmonger.)
3. We buy white bread and brown bread in the shop. (At the baker’s.)
4. People buy milk, cream, cheese and different dairy products there. (At the dairy’s.)
5. You can buy pork, beef, chicken and sausages in this shop. (At the butcher’s.)
6. We can buy flour, sugar, rice and salt there. (At the grocer’s.) (Слайды.)
V. Проверка домашнего задания.
Very good children! Now I want to check up your home work. You have completed the sentences.
Pieces, sweets, boxes, run, is, can’t, bags
Billy is fat. He has cakes and chocolate for breakfast. He has…..and jam for lunch. Yesterday
Billy ate two…of chocolate,
fifteen…of cake and ten…of sweets. He doesn’t eat cabbage and carrots. Billy doesn’t like to..
And jump. He …swim. Billy…sad. Can you help my friend Billy?
He has sweets and jam
Billy ate two boxes of chocolate, fifteen pieces of cake and ten bags of sweets
Billy doesn’t like to run and jump
He can’t swim
Billy is sad
Good for you.
VI. Физкультминутка.
Children I think you are tired. Will you stand up, please? I want you to remember the song Clap your
Hands (песня)
Clap, clap, clap your hands,
Clap your hands together.
Stamp, stamp, stamp your feet,
Stamp your feet together.
VII. Развитие лексических навыков, памяти и внимания.
And now children I want you to join the parts of these words please.
Butter, mushroom, sausage, pizza, chocolate, honey, sugar, ice-cream, bread, coffee, chicken, carrot,
sugar, meat, cherry, pepper, radish, cabbage, vegetables
VIII. Совершенствование навыков аудирования и чтения.
Let’s read the text. Write awful, tasty, nice, OK next to the names of food.
Chocolate ____ Bananas________
Cakes________ Kiwi____________
Coffee_______ Vegetable salad__
Fruit________ Meat___________
Apple_______ Juice____________
Tea________ Ice-cream________
Hi! My name is Jane. My favourite food is ice-cream. I can eat it every day. I also love
chocolate, cakes and fruit. They are tasty. Apples and bananas are very nice. But I never eat the
kiwifruit, because it is not sweet. Vegetables salads are OK. I eat them with rice and potatoes. But I
don’t eat meat because I’m vegetarian. I usually drink a lot of juice and water. Orange juice is very
nice. I don’t drink a lot of coffee or tea. Coffee is awful and tea is OK in the evening.
IX. Домашнее задание.
Children your home work is exercise 2, on page 70.
X. Итог урока.
Thank you for your work. Today you were active and worked well. You marks are…..The lesson is
over. You may be free. Good-bye children!