Промежуточная аттестация по курсу английского языка за 6 класс

Промежуточная аттестация по курсу английского языка за 6 класc
учени_____ 6 «____»
1. Read the texts (a-d) and match them with the names of people. There is one extra name.
1) Julie, an actress
2) Harry, a photographer
3) Bob, a teacher
4) Jenny, a writer
5) Andy, a student
a) I live in Oxford but two years ago I lived with my parents in a small town in the north of England. Now I
travel to my home town when I have holidays, usually in summer because our summer holidays are the
longest. In winter my parents come to me and we celebrate Christmas together. But they don’t stay long. My
university life starts in January.
b) I’m twenty. I’m tall and slim. My hair is fair and curly. I always wear dark suits and white shirts when I’m
at work. It’s important to look nice when you work with children.
c) Hi, I’m Londoner. I work in one of the city parks. I’m not young but I always wear jeans. I put on light
sweaters in spring or autumn and I usually wear T-shirts in summer. Taking pictures is my profession which I
d) I’m sixty and I’m rather stout but I was slim and beautiful when I was younger. They say I’m very famous
now and people like my films very much but I don’t think I like the way I look now.
a)_________, b)_________, c)____________, d)____________ extra_____________
2. Use the modal verbs.: a) must b) can c) can’t d) mustn’t
1) Peter likes to play tennis and _____ do it very well.
2)She _______ help her parents with housework but she says she doesn’t like cleaning or washing up.
3) You __________ go out. It is raining heavily.
4) Pete has a high temperature. He _________ go to school.
5) My friend ________ tell you about all the new films, he goes to the cinema a lot.
6) Jon is two and he ________ ride a bike.
7) Julian looks very ill, he _______ see the doctor as soon as he ______.
3. Choose the right words to complete the sentences:
Finger, toes, curly, oval, shapely, slim, stout
1) John is tall and big and fairly полный.
2) Margo Perry has long and вьющиеся hair.
3) Sara had a beautiful ring on the third пальце.
4) William has a овальное face.
5) I stood on my пальцы ног to look at the picture.
6) Linda is an actress and she is красивой формы and стройная.