Итоговый тест по английскому языку 4 класс УМК Комарова Ю.А.

Итоговый тест по английскому языку, 4 класс ( УМК Комарова Ю.А.)
Grammar and Vocabulary
1.Fill in the gaps with the correct form:
1. Rob ….. a bath every day. a) has b) is having c) had
2. I …. basketball now . a) plays b) am playing c) played
3. Dogs never …. salad. a) didn’t eat b) eat c) is eating
4. She sometimes …. comics. a) reads b) is reading c) doesn’t read
5. He …. his teeth now. a) cleans b) is cleaning c) cleaned
6. My brother … at the hospital yesterday. a) worked b) works
7. Steve a policeman. a) is b) was c) are
8.There …. …. sugar in the cake. a) is, some b) isn’t some c) are, any
9. Look! She . the piano. a) plays b) is playing
10. He always gets only … (good) and excellent marks. a) best b) better
2. Write every day or yesterday:
1. They have English.
2. They went to the swimming pool.
3. We don’t have lunch at school.
4.He didn’t see his uncle.
5. The children saw a big dog.
3. Read and answer the questions:
Last week Lucy didn't go to school. She was ill. Her mum was busy, she cleaned the house.
Lucy was unhappy. She didn't read and she didn't watch TV. She didn't go for a walk. She
was in her bedroom all day. She didn't want any lunch. She wanted to be well.
Eg.: What is the girl's name? Her name is Lucy.
1. Did she go to school?
2. Was Lucy's mum busy?
3. What did Lucy's mum do?
4. Where was Lucy?
5. What did Lucy want?