Итоговая контрольная работа по английскому языку для 8 класса (Ю.А. Комарова)

Итоговая контрольная работа по английскому языку для 8 класса.
Ю.А. Комарова и др. Английский язык.
1. Choose the correct verb in each expression.
1. get/ win/ pass an exam
2. make/ score/ win a goal
3. win/ pass/ do a prize
4. get/ make/ go on an expedition
5. get/ do/ make voluntary work
6. get/ pass/ do a certificate
7. do/ get/ make a scientific discovery
8. pass/ win/ score a race
2. Write sentences. Use the present simple or the present continuous.
1. It/ not rain/ every day.
2. She/ speak English/ at the moment.
3. She/ study English/ twice a week.
4. I/ not watch TV/ at the moment.
5. He/ hardly ever/ listen to the radio.
6. Goodbye! We/ go now.
3. Write sentences using the past simple and the past continuous.
1. I/ watch/ the match/ on TV/when/ somebody/ ring/ the doorbell.
2. Elena/ finish/ her homework/ while/ her mother/ cook/ the
evening meal.
3. Mark/ work/ on the computer/ when/ he/ hear/ a noise.
4. While/ I/ walk/ home from school/ it/ start/ to rain.
5. They/ travel/ in a train/ when/ it/ suddenly/ stop.
6. Tom/ tell/ a funny story/ while/ we/ wait/ for our drinks in the
4. Complete the sentences with for, since, ago, ever or last.
1. A: When did you see John?
B: Five years ...... .
2. I haven't eaten anything ....... two days.
3. He left school ....... month.
4. I've had the same ringtone on my mobile ........ July.
5. Have you ....... used this website to download music? It's very good.
5. Write first conditional sentences.
1. he/ not like the party/ he/ go home early.
2. it/ snow this weekend/ they/ go skiing.
3. I/ be happy/ my team/ win the match.
4. they/ not come soon/ they/ miss the start of the film.
5. it/ be hot/ this summer/ my parents/ go to the mountains.
6. Write second conditional sentences.
1. go to school/ not be illiterate
If they ........
2. do more exercise/ get fit
If you ........
3. have more money/ go on holiday
If I .........
4. go to bed earlier/ not be tired
If you .........
5. be ill/ go to hospital
If I .........
7. Choose the correct variant:
1. Paula …… $40,000 a year in her job.
A. spends
B. earns
C. swaps
2. Will you help me … the ironing?
A. do
B. make
C. take
3. Jack …… a prize last week.
A. swapped
B. won
C. lost
4. Henry isn’t lazy. He’s very………
A. sociable
B. generous
C. hard-working
5. …… is a person who damages buildings or paint graffiti.
A. Shoplifter
B. Armed robber
C. Vandal
6. The opposite of war is ……
A. poverty
B. peace
C. famine
7. Send me a ……… if you’re going to be late.
A. social networking site
B. instant messaging
C. text massage
8. Would you like to travel ………… the world?
A. out of
B. through
C. round
9. …… is a problem affecting children when they don’t have enough to eat.
A. Malnutrition
B. Illiteracy
C. Famine
10. Maradonna is the greatest ……..of all time
A. footballist
B. footballer
C. football
11. I don’t have to pay to get into museum. It’s ………
A. cheap
B. expensive
C. free
12. After breakfast I always………. my bed.
A. do
B. make
C. sleep
13. Charles Darvin went on an …… to the South Sea Islands.
A. expedition
B. voluntary work
C. invention
14. She ……. like chocolate much.
A. not
B. don`t
C. doesn`t
15. Richard …… the sports programme on TV last Friday.
A. don`t saw
B. didn`t see
C. doesn`t see
16. I`m ……..than my brother at the moment.
A. busier
B. busyer
C. more busy
17. Patrick has got too …… money.
A. much
B. many
C. any
18. Are there …..interesting films on at the cinema.
A. any
B. an
C. some
19. Jack has studied French …… last summer.
A. for
B. from
C. since
20. Wendy …..at a hotel in Lanzarote last summer.
A. stay
B. stayed
C. have stayed
21. How long …….. Simon?
A. do you know
B. you have know
C. have you known
22. I`m sure that Tom …..come tomorrow.
A. will
B. is
C. might
23. What are you going ……. now?
A. doing
B. do
C. to do
24. If I had more money, I ……. a sports car.
A. will buy
B. bought
C. would buy
25. You …….. swim in the sea today – it`s too dangerous.
A. don`t have to
B. can`t to
C. mustn`t
26. Our house ……. in the 1930s.
A. built
B. was built
C. is build
27. I`m sorry, but you ………. in. It`s private.
A. can`t to go
B. can`t go
C. can`t going
28. Mount Everest is the ……. mountain in the world.
A. higher
B. highest
C. most high
29. Ian has too ……. work to do.
A. any
B. many
C. much
30. Jerry wasn`t allowed ……..his mobile phone in the cinema.
A. to use
B. that to use
C. to using
31. If I were you, ……..buy some new shoes.
A. I would
B. I will
C. I have
32. If I gave you my phone number, ……..call me?
A. you would
B. will you
C. would you
33. A new novel …… by Susan Hall last month.
A. were written
B. wrote
C, was written
34. Millions of mobile phones ……. every year.
A. are produced
B. were produced
C. produce
35. We were phoned by ……..at midnight yesterday.
A. anybody
B. somebody
C. everybody
36. Prizes were given ….. Sally Thomas to all of the students.
A. by
B. for
C. with
37. Stella has ……been to the USA.
A. ever
B. often
C. never
38. Have you …..broken your leg?
A. ever
B. just
C. never
39. Joe and Katy …..at the party.
A. weren`t
B. wasn`t
C .isn`t
40. The children …… some money in the garden.
A. finded
B. found
C. finds
8. Match the global problems with the notes about them.
1. Pollution
a) The majority have come from African countries, looking for a better life.
2. Disease
b) If we don’t low CO2 emissions immediately, the environmental balance
will be affected.
3. Racism
c) Millions of plants and animals have died and the water is poisoned.
d) When will people learn that we cannot treat people differently just
because of the colour of their skin?
5. Famine
i) It’s a big problem because only one in five adults can read and write.
f) Airport controls are stricter after a series of bomb scares.
7. Illiteracy
g) The Red Cross is bringing medicines to the suffering people.
8. Terrorism
h) While one section of the world wastes millions of kilos of food every
year, people in the other countries are dying because they have nothing to
9. Write the synonym of the verb ‘get’ in every sentence.
1. Did you get an email from Mr. Smith yesterday?
2. She’s forgotten to get bread in the supermarket.
3. Can you get me a glass of water?
4. My brother got a place at Oxford.
5. If you do sport regularly, you get fitter.
6. The bus gets at 8.15.
10. Read the text and make task after it.
According to UNESCO, four of ten African cannot read and write. That is a total of 136 million
people. If people could read, their lives would be a lot easier. If people read the labels on the
medicine bottles, they wouldn’t take the wrong number of pills. If farmers had their legal
documents, they would get more money for their products. If women learnt how to read, they
would teach their children too.
One problem with teaching people to read is language. Africans often speak several languages.
There are thousands of local languages as well as each country’s official language. One thing
everybody agrees on is that things wouldn’t go on like this. We have to do something!
Choose TRUE or FALSE. Correct false statements.
1. A half of African population cannot read and write.
2. Farmers had no legal documents.
3. Women taught their children to read.
4. In Africa there are a lot of local languages.