Промежуточный мониторинг Spotlight 4

Промежуточный мониторинг Spotlight 4
ФИО_________________________________________ ученика/цы 4-______
1. Choose and write: How much / Нow many.
1. ______________ meat have you got?
2. _________________ eggs are there in the fridge?
3. _________________ apples do you need for your juice?
4. _______________ sugar do you add in your tea?
5. ______________ water do you drink every day?
2. Match the phrases .
1.How much sugar is there?
2. Can you pass me the lemon, please?
3. May I have a cherry pie?
4. What does she look like?
5. What time is it?
A. It`s nine o’clock .
B. Sure. Here you are.
C. She`s short and slim.
D. Not yet. It`s still very hot.
E. Not much.
3. Read and choose.
1. Lizards always (sit / are sitting) in the sun.
2. The seal (clap / is clapping) now.
3. Whales usually (swim / are swimming) in the sea.
4. Sue is in the dining room. She (eats /is eating) now.
5. Look at the seal! It (claps /is clapping) one, two, three.
4. Translate the words
1. short -_______________________
2. waiter-______________________
3. mechanic-__________________
4. vegetables-_________________
5. ski- ___________________
6. dive-____________________
7. garage-___________________
8. post office-__________________
9. flour-______________________
10. coconut-_____________________
C. кататься на лыжах
D. нырять
E. гараж
F. мука
G. кокос
H. низкий
I. официант
J. почта
5. Read the text and mark the statements T (true) or F (false)
Hello, my name is Jack and I’m ten years old. This is my best friend Tom. He is eleven years old. We go
to school together. I am short and slim. I have got dark hair and brown eyes. I like swimming. Tom is tall
and sporty, he likes to play basketball. He has got short fair hair and grey eyes. My friend is very friendly
and kind, he helps me to do my homework. Look at the photo! Tom and I are playing basketball!
1. Jack is eleven years old ________
2. Tom is short and slim _________
3.Jack has got dark hair _________
4. Jack likes to swim _______
5. Tom helps Jack to do his homework _______
6. In the photo boys are playing tennis _______