Промежуточный контроль по материалам УМК «Spotlight 6» (Модули 1-4)

Промежуточный контроль по материалам УМК «Spotlight 6» (Модули 1-4)
Complete the sentences /Заполни пропуски в предложении. Начальные буквы слова
1. Tony is t .
2. Jane has got st hair.
3. Ms Wilkins is in her l sixties.
4. Mary is from Chile in S America.
5. Moscow is in the n w t of Russia.
B What is the next word? Add three more words. /Какое следующее слово? Допиши по
три слова в каждый ряд.
1. first, second, _________, _________, ___________.
2. tenth, fifteenth, _________, _________, __________.
3. fourth, eighth, _________, _________, __________.
C Whats the time? /Который час? Напиши предложения как показано в примере.
Eg. It’s five past three.
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
D Prepositions
Complete the sentences./ Вставь предлоги вместо пропусков.
My name’s Nick. I live in Tver. My birthday is (1) the 5
of May. My favourite season is
summer. I’m never bored (2) summer. I go swimming and I play basketball on the beach. I
also spend my summer holidays at my granny’s countryside house. There I like getting up early
(3) the morning and go to the river (4) bike or (5) foot. My parents come to the
countryside (6) weekends and we go hiking together. Sometimes we can feel tired and come
back home (7) night. But we are always happy.
E Possessive MY or MINE?
Complete the sentences. /Заполни пропуски, используй притяжательные местоимения.
1. This is Tom. He is _____ brother. We are twins.
2. These are Jill and Amelia. We are friends but we aren’t classmates. Look! There is my school.
_______ is behind the library.
3. We have some good neighbours. They have a small car. But ____ is bigger. That’s why we
sometimes invite them to travel together.
4. This is a newcomer. I know that girl! It’s Becky!
- Yes, and I know _____ brother Ned! We are at the same football team.
- But ____ brother isn’t Ned. ______ is Fred!
- Oh…
F Who is Who? Complete the sentences. /Кто есть кто? Заполни пропуски в
1. Billy is ___________ brother.
2. Jane is _________ wife.
3. Tom and Becky are _________ parents.
4. Sally is _______ aunt.
5. Kim and Kate are ________ grandchildren.
G Possessive Complete the sentences with -’s - where it is necessary. / Заполни
пропуски в предложениях. Поставь -’s - где необходимо.|
1. This is my son___ bedroom.
2. These are the girls____ dresses.
3. Rex is my dog___ name___.
4. I can’t see the children___ parents___.
H Put the words in the right order./ Поставь слова в правильном порядке.
1. on /are / my parents / at / never / work / Sundays
2. a shower / after dinner / often / Mrs Lewis / takes
3. a parking place / near the library / we / find / seldom
4. at / I / on / a / sport-club / always / Saturdays / am
I Write the question to the word in bold. /Задай вопросы к выделенным словам.
1. - __________________ ? - Ms Brown is my class teacher.
2. - ___________________? - Mary travels to Spain in May.
3. - ___________________? Mike is going to the library now.
4. - ___________________? Fred and Polly have got a big house near the lake.
5. - ___________________? - Mary’s school bag is the red one.
J Describe the picture. Write 8-10 sentences. Don’t forget about the rules.
Опиши картинку в объёме 8-10 предложений. Помни о правилах описания картинки.
Используй слова, данные ниже.
Use the words: parking zone, pedestrian, traffic sign, pavement, zebra crossing, traffic warden, kerb.
Tom + Becky
Kim + Kate
John + Jill