Промежуточный контроль по английскому языку 8 класс

Промежуточный контроль. 8 класс.
Лексико-грамматический тест.
I. Fill in the gaps with the appropriate words from the box.
The English are very __________. They are ________ with cats and dogs, but they are very
_________ with people. They think that__________ are better than people. They talk about
the ________, but never about anything personal. I like ________people better than town
people. They are more_____________. And why do they __________ so much? And besides
I miss good English _________.
Food, friendly, country, weather, cold, formal, queue, animals, helpful
II. Transform the sentences, using subject + passive verb+ infinitive.
1.People think that the English don’t like changes very much.-
2.Some people consider that the Italians are attractive and artistic.-
3.Some people say that the Americans are boastful.
III. Fill in the article the if it is necessary.
1. The largest freshwater lake in Europe is __ Lake Ladoga in Russia.
2.__Europe is bordered towards the north by__ Arctic Ocean, towards the south by ___
Mediterranean Sea and ___ Black Sea, towards the west by ___ Atlantic Ocean and the east by
__ Asia.
3. __ British Isles are separated from ___ Europe by ___ North Sea, __ Strait of Dover, and ___
English Channel.
4. __ USA is the fourth largest country in the world
5.___ Lundy is a rocky island at the entrance to ___ Bristol Channel.
6. __Astrakhan is located on __ Caspian Sea.
7.__United Kingdom includes __ Great Britain and ___ Northern Ireland.
8.__ Urals divide __ Asia and __ Europe.
9. The longest river of the world is ___ Nile River
10. __ Gobi Desert covers some parts of __ China, a part of ___southern Mongolia.
39-38 «5»
31-37 «4»
19-30 «3»
< 19 «2»