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English Holidays Учитель английского языка, Удинцева Светлана Анатольевна. New Year in the UK People all around the UK, as well as the citizens in all the world and all the rest English- speaking countries celebrate New Year. In Scotland it’s called Hogmanay. Easter. On Easter people visit church service, give each other beautifully painted Easter eggs and tasty cakes. Easter marches take place on this holiday. May Day. May day in Great Britain is on the 1st of May. It’s a pagan spring festival. Spring and Late Summer Bank festival. On these two holidays people have celebrations in the open air –visiting seaside towns, water shooting , riding on carousels, wearing comic hats , eating sea-food, drinking beer or tea. Bonfire Night (Guy Fawkes Night) They burn fireworks at night on the 5th of November, remembering Gunpowder plot in 1605. Thanksgiving Day People go to church in the morning and have big dinner with turkey at home. They give the God thanks for all good things in their lives. Christmas On the 25th of December people have holiday dinner of roast turkey and Christmas pudding, decorate Christmas tree, have fun, have toast for Christmas. They wish each other Merry Christmas , buy presents and send greeting cards. Children find their presents in the stockings on the fire place or under the Christmas tree. Halloween Halloween means "holy evening" and takes place on October 31st. Children dress up in fancy dresses, knock on doors and ask for a “trick” or a “treat”. St Valentine's Day St Valentine's Day is celebrated on February 14 .On this day people all around the world send poems, cards, flowers or candy, etc. Yet their cards should be unsigned, and their sweetheart should guess who the card is from.   Holidays celebrated in the USA

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Veteran's Day

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Easter Parade
  • Easter Parade
  • Christmas
  • Trooping the Colour
  • St Valentine’s Day
  • Celebrating Queen’s birthday.