Разработка урока английского языка "Подготовка к ЕГЭ" 11 класс

Разработка урока английского языка в 11 классе
Тема: «Подготовка к ЕГЭ»
Задачи: 1. практиковать употребление слов-связок.
2. развивать навыки аудирования
а) с пониманием общего содержания
б) полное понимание содержания
3. развитие навыков говорения.
Ход урока:
I. Warming up. (Слайд №1)
(Тема урока.
Эпиграф: “ Success doesn’t come to you… you go to it” Marva Collins)
T: Good morning. Please, sit down. How are you?
S-s’ answers.
T: OK. Today we have a reserved lesson. So we’ve got an opportunity to practice
some communicating skills to prepare for the Final English Exam. I’ve chosen the
epigraph to the lesson Marva Collin’s words “ Success doesn’t come to you… you go to
it”. Can you agree with it? (S-s’ answers)
T: Well, from the beginning of the new academic year you hear the words “exam”,
“finals” “ЕГЭ” etc. every day, furthermore, many times a day. So, I want you to say what
associations do you have with the words “final exams”.
(Слайд 2) Задание 1 Mind map дети сверяют свои ответы.
T: So, you are quite right. If you work hard, you’ll get good results, because …
(Повторяют слова эпиграфа).
Задание 2. (Слайд 3. Linking words)
T: You know that while doing writing works such as personal letters, essays, or just
speaking it’s necessary to use linking words. Now, let’s revise some of them.
Please, try to match the words and categories they refer to.
(Раздаются карточки для работы. По окончанию, дети проверяют ответы по
ключу). (7 мин)
T: OK. Thank you. Done well.
Задание 3. Слайд 4. Listening for gist.
T: And now let’s practice listening skills. Before you start to listen to the text, pay
attention to the tasks. Study them carefully to understand what information you are going
to catch: the fist text is listening for gist; the second time is listening for details. So, good
(Учащиеся выполняют задания на карточках в течении 7 мин., затем проверяют
ответы по ключу)
Задание 4. Слайд 5.Reading.
T: Now one more task. We’ll practice reading. You should fill the gaps with the
words given on the right side of the text. You see, there are quotations of famous people,
may be you meet them before. So, try your best.
(Учащиеся выполняют задание и проверяют по ключу)
Задание 5. Слайд 6.
T: Thank you for good work. You’re really great.
And now, I offer you to discuss an interesting and I’m sure an important theme for
you: What is your opinion of an ideal teenage citizen. Open the books on page 41, ex.
132. Try to express your ideas considering these characteristics.
1) Which language he/she speaks
2) Her/his attitude towards globalization
3) Certain right and responsibilities
4) His/her attitude to politics
5) His/her contribution to school life
6) His/her social behavior
T: You may use words and word combination on the slide. (10 мин).
T: Thank you, my dears. Our lesson is going to be over. And I want you to appreciate
your own work during the lesson. (Дети получают оценочные листы, где отмечают
уровень своей активности на уроке).
T: Homework:
Prepare a presentation of the ideal teenage citizen.
Слайд 7.
Thank you.