Контрольные тесты по английскому языку 3 класс УМК “Spotlight”

Контрольные тесты по английскому языку для 3 класса УМК
Spotlight”(модули 1-6)
Test 3F M1
1.Write words
1.enpcil 2.brreub
3.locsoh 4.amhts
2.Write numbers
1)12 2)19 3)11 4)20 5)16
Hello….. ,
My name`s…… .
I`m in Year…… at school.
I`m …… years old.
My favourite subjects are …..,
…… and …… .
What about you?
Test 3F M2
1)tborhe 2)omhtre 3)tdrganomhe 4)tisres 5)hafetr
1)Her/she name is Anna.
2)Look at our/they friends,Ben and Liz.
3)This is my friend. Her/his name is Tom.
4)This is my cat. Your/its name is Pat.
5)Paco and Maya are their/we friends.
1)They…..sisters. 2)It….. a pen.
3) ….. they pencils? 4)Who … he?
5)This …. not my rubber.
1)rubber- 2)ruler- 3)grandma- 4)brother- 5)book-
Hello,I`m 1)….. . This is my mother and father.
Their names are 2) …. and 3)…. .
4)…… is my grandmother and this 5)…. my
grandfother. We are a happy family.
1.Grandfather`s name is Tom. a)yes b)no
2.Father`s name is Tom. a)yes b)no
3. Mother`s name is Svetlana. a)yes b)no
4. Brother`s name is Sam. a)yes b)no
5. Sister`s name is Vika. a)yes b)no
Test 3F M3
Ex.1Расшифруй слово, напиши его перевод
1. encikhc
2. paeotots
3. imcaeerc
4. dsawineshc
5. sgeg
6. rurgsbe
7. rewat
8. hclacotoe
9. molneeda
10. geveselbat
Ex.2. Напиши, какие из этих продуктов нравятся/ не нравятся этим детям, пользуясь
информацией из таблицы.
Образец: Ann likes meat and vegetables, but she doesn't like pizza and lemonade.
Ex.3. Дай краткие ответы на вопросы.
Образец: Do you like biscuits? - Yes, I do.
1. Do you like sausages? - Yes, …....
2. Does your mum like ice-cream? - No, ….....
3. Does your grandpa like hot milk? - Yes, …....
4. Do you like rice? - No, …....
Ex.4. Исправь ошибки — зачеркни лишнее слово.
1. I am like chicken.
2. Does he is like carrots?
3. Can I am have some pizza, please?
4. I love my grandma's a biscuits. Yum!
Ex.5.Поставь слова в правильном порядке и запиши предложения
1. favourite/rice/My/food/is/and/chicken.
2. food/your/favourite/What/is?
3. like/milk/She/doesn't
4. sandwiches/got/I/any/haven't
Ex.6. Прочитай и выбери
1. We haven't got some/any chips.
2. Have you got some/any lemonade?
3. I have got some/any chocolate.
4. She hasn't got some/any bananas.
5.Can I have some/any water, please?