Олимпиада по английскому языку 4 класс (с ответами)

Олимпиада по английскому языку
среди учащихся 4-х классов
1.Прослушай текст. Прочитай предложения. Если предложение соответствует содержанию
прослушанного текста, напиши в конце предложения Yes, если не соответствует, напиши No:
1) John goes to school. .
2) His family is very big. .
3) John has a big sister. .
4)His mother Marry is not a nurse. .
5) His father Richard bakes bread and makes cakes. .
6)They watch films in the evening and John plays games his sister. .
2. Соотнеси вопросы (a-f) c ответами (1-6) и запиши в таблицу соответствующую букву
перед каждым ответом:
a)What’s the time?
1) I am from England.
b) What colour is the rose?
2) It’s red.
c) Where are you from?
3) It’s eight o’clock.
d)What is that?
4) He is in the classroom.
e)Where is Sam?
5) I am fine.
f) How are you?
6) That is a window.
3. Прочитай текст и утверждения после него. Если утверждение верное, напиши в конце него
Yes, если неверное, напиши No:
My name is Diana. I am eleven. I have a big family: my parents, my grandparents and my two sisters.
My little sister Helen has a birthday today. She is two today. The birthday cake is on the table. The
presents are on the table too.
They are very good: a toy dog, a toy kangaroo, a new book, a big blue ball. Helen can’t read. I can read
the new book to Helen.
Granny says: “Happy birthday dear Helen! This little grey cat is for you!” Helen is very happy. She says:
“Thank you! I like the cat very much! It’s so cute!”
1) Diana is eleven.
2) Diana has three sisters.
3) Helen is five today.
4) The presents are on the shelf.
5) Helen can read books.
6) The ball is blue.
7) The cat is grey.
8) Helen doesn’t like the little cat.
4. Вставь пропущенные буквы в названия дней недели:
6. Frdy
7. Studay
5.Вычеркни лишнее слово:
1.beautiful, bedroom, interesting, funny
2.kitchen, hall, living room, lamp
3.mirror, computer, chair, bathroom
4.armchair, sofa, wardrobe, fridge
5.cooker, fridge, cupboard, bath
6.Вставь “is” или “are”:
1.There … a big table in the kitchen.
2. There … pictures on the wall.
3. There … four chairs in the kitchen.
4. There …a lamp on the desk.
5. There … a carpet on the floor.
7.Выбери правильное местоимение:
1.Where is new bag?
a) your b) you c) he
2.This is … kitten.
a) we b) our c) it
3. My sisters play with … toys.
a) they b) them c) their
4. Is … mother at home?
a) his b) he c) she
5. Ann likes … room.
a) my b)her c)his
8.Вставь some или any:
1.They haven’t got … orange juice.
2. She’s got … biscuits.
3.Have they got … pizza?
4.I haven’t got … milk.
5. We can eat … chocolate.
9. Множественное число существительных. Выбери правильный ответ:
1. Take these big …
a)boxes b)boxies c)boxs
2. There are some … in our house.
a)mouses b)mice c)mise
3. Little … are very funny.
a)babys b)babes c)babies
4. These … are my brothers.
a)boys b)boyes c)boies
5. Can you see these …?
a)sheeps b)sheep c)sheepes
10.Выбери правильную форму глагола в Present Continuous, впиши соответствующую букву
в предложение:
1. Look! They .
a) dance, b) is dancing, c) are dancing
2. My mum now.
a) is cooking, b) cooking, c) are cooking
3. I computer games now.
a) are playing, b) am playing, c) is playing
4. You a book now.
a) reading, b) is reading, c) are reading
5. My little brother now.
a) am sleeping, b) is sleeping, c) are sleeping
Задание 1
Hi! My name is John Рarker. I live in London. I’m a pupil. My family is not very big: my mum, dad and my
sister. My father Richard is a baker. He bakes bread and makes cakes. My mother Marry is a nurse. She
helps sick people. My sister Sally does not go to school. She is small.
In the evening we like to watch films on television. Sometimes I play games with my sister.
2)No 12 б.
Задание 2
1) c
2) b
3) a 12 б.
4) e
5) f
6) d
Задание 3
1) Yes
2) No
3) No
4) No
5) No 16 б.
6) Yes
7) Yes
8) No
Задание 4
1) Sunday
2) Monday
3) Tuesday
4) Wednesday 14 б.
5) Thursday
6) Friday
7) Saturday
Задание 5
1) bedroom
2) lamp
3) bathroom 5 б.
4) fridge
5) bath
Задание 6
1) is
2) are
3) are 5 б.
4) is
5) is
Задание 7
1) a
2) b
3) c 5 б.
4) a
5) b
Задание 8
1) any
2) some
3) any 10 б.
4) any
5) some
Задание 9
1) a
2) b
3) c
4) a 10 б.
5) b
Задание 10
1) c
2) a 10 б.
3) b
4) c
5) b
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