Контрольная работа по английскому языку за I полугодие 7 класс

Контрольная работа за I полугодиепо английскому языку 7 класс
(, О.В. Афанасьева И.В.Михеева Английский как второй иностранный)
I Reading Read the text
Charles Spencer Chaplin was born in 1889 in south London. His father died when he was a child, and the
family didn’t have much money. Charlie first performed on the theatre stage at the age of five.After he
joined Frank Karno’s company, he went to the USA in 1914 and in his first year there he acted in 35 of
Hollywood’s early films. These were “silent films”: the actors couldn’t speak, but demonstrated their
feelings in their faces and movements. Charlie Chaplin became one of the most famous actors in the world,
and everyone knew and loved the roles he played: a man with a black hat, big shoes, a little moustache and
unusual walk.
With other actors, Chaplin formed a film company and he started to make his own films. Later, after sound
arrived, he began to talk on the screen and he wrote the music for one of his last films. Most people still
like his films today.
1. Say whether the following statements: TRUE (T) or FALSE (F):
1. Charlie Chaplin was born in the north of London.
2. His mother died when he was a child.
3. He played in 35 “sound films”.
4. He usually had a black hat, big shoes, a little moustache and unusual walk.
5. Many people didn’t like the roles he played.
6. Charlie Chaplin started his own theatre company.
II Vocabulary) Fill the missing words : shouting public, each, midnight, quiet, look after, difficult,
1.This sentence is very ---------------.I can`t read it.
2.When my granny is ill, I always ---------------her.
3.My mother usually goes to bed at----------------------
4.I live a very-------------- life.
5.I use -------------transport when I go to school.
6.All my friends ----------------near the school.
7.---------------of the boys has a book.
8.Why are you---------------?
III Grammar 1. Write nouns in singular form.
Mice, teeth, sheep, women, geese, men, deer, fish, children, feet.
2. Write nouns in plural form.
Class, bench, wife, , cat, sheep, pupil, tea, coffee, boy, country
3. Complete the sentences using: who, whose, which.
1) Yesterday I met a woman _________ was very friendly and nice to me.
2) I can tell you the news __________ was wonderful.
3) Yesterday I saw white geese __________ were flying in the sky.
4) Tess has long light hair __________ was very beautiful.
5) The man __________ was our doctor, lived I our street.
4. Complete the sentences using Past Continuous.
1) The goalkeeper _________________________ (not/pay) attention, so the opposing team scored.
2) Tanya ________________ (watch) the London marathon o TV the whole morning.
3)Howard says he -----------------(not understand) me
4.My brother-------------------- (hate ) milk when he was little.
5) I __________________ (have) a shower when my mobile phone rang.
6) What _______________ you _________________ (do) at this time yesterday?
7) While I _____________________ (cook) dinner, I cut myself the finger.
5.Fill in ordinal numerals.
a) I’m in__ ____ form. b) My friend is in ___ ____ form too. c) Today is ____ _____ of
December.e)Today is ____ ____ day of the week.f) He is _____ _____ student in our class.
4.Choose the verb.
a) Where (is\ are) the money. It (is \are) on the shelf.
b) Where (is\ are) the apples. They (is\ are) on the table.
c) What colour (is\ are) the flag. It (is \are) red.
d) Where (is\ are) students. They (is\are) at school.
e) The news (is\ are) interesting.
f) Children (is \are) in the swimming pool.
6. Choose the correct form.
This is (my/mine) university.
Doctor Smith, is this (your, yours) patient? Yes, Polly is (my/mine) patient.
I am going to answer all (her/hers) questions.
(Our/ours) dream was to travel in Spain.
We gave them (our/ours address and they gave us (their/theirs).
Which bag is (her/hers).?