Итоговая контрольная работа по английскому языку 5 класс УМО Spotlight 1 триместр

Итоговая контрольная работа 5 класс УМО Spotlight 1 триместр
1 Чтение
Read the text and fill the table. (10 баллов)
Paul Smith is thirty-two. He is a musician. He lives in Seattle, USA.
Paul lives in a big, comfortable flat with his wife, Marta and their two daughters,
Anna and Alice.
Marta is twenty-eight. She is a teacher. Anna and Alice are seven. They are twins.
They go to school every day from 9 am to 2 pm.
Paul is handsome. He is tall and plump with short dark hair and grey eyes. Everybody
likes him because he is clever and friendly and a very caring father.
In his free time Paul likes reading books and watching comedies. He doesn’t like
working in the garden .He thinks it is tiring.
NAME _____________________________________________________________
AGE _______________________________________________________________
OCCUPATION (работа) _____________________________________________
FAMILY MEMBERS_________________________________________________
DOESN’T LIKE: ____________________________________________
2 Лексика I
Cross the odd word out. (6 баллов)
bed bathroom wardrobe carpet
computer bookcase digital camera television
fridge cooker desk table
4. bath sink washbasin mirror
5. dining room garden kitchen hall
6. desk coffee table chair table
3 Лексика II
Mach the countries to the nationalities. (6 баллов)
1. Australian a. Ireland
2. Russian b. Australia
3. Japanese c. Russia
4. British d. Japan
5. English e. Britain
6. Irish f. England
4 Лексика III
Match the objects to the school subjects. (6 баллов)
1. Atlas a. English
2. Paints b. Maths
3. Experiment c. Geography
4. Dictionary d. Music
5. Calculator e. Science
6. Piano f. Art
5 Грамматика
Circle the correct answer. (17 баллов)
1. Emma works in a hospital. _____ is a doctor.
a. He b. She c. I
2. Those stamps ______ very old.
a. is b. are c. have
3. _______ your teacher got a coin collection?
a. Have b. Has c. Are
4. This is Adam and this is _______ brother.
a. its b. her c. his
5. There is _______ armchair in the room.
a. a b. an c. ----
6. There is a painting _______the wall.
a. under b. in c. on
7. Sue and Ann _______ cook but they can’t dance.
a. have b. can c. can’t
8. _______ Nancy walk to school?
a. Do b. Is c. Does
9. Look at them! They _______ in the garden.
a. plays b. are playing c. play
10. Bill _______ TV every evening.
a. watch b. watches c. is watching
11. Dan _______ feel very well.
a. not b. doesn’t c. don’t
12. How often _______ they do the shopping?
a. are b. does c. do
13. It usually snows in Alaska but now the sun _______.
a. is shining b. shines c. shining
14. How _______ juice is there in the bottle?
a. much b. many c. any
15. _____ you like a glass of lemonade?
a. Would b. Do c. Can
16. Tom _______ his friends tomorrow.
a. meets b. is meeting c. will meet.
17. My brother ______ interesting film yesterday.
a. watch b. watched c. is watching
6 Письмо
Read a letter from a new pen friend. Write an answer. (10 баллов)
Dear friend,
My name is Wendy. I live in London, England. I am twelve years old. My birthday is
on the 12th of May. I live with my mum and dad. I haven't got any sisters or brothers.
I go to Hillside School. My school is great but it isn’t very big. I’m in class 1a. There
are twenty pupils in my class. I like my classmates. They are very friendly. Have you
got any friends in your class? My favourite subjects are English and Music. I don’t
like Maths because I’m not very good at it. What’s your favourite subject?
I like reading books in my free time. I can sing and dance quite well. What about you?
I hope to hear from you soon.
Dear ______________
It was great to get your letter.
My name __________________________________________________________
I live in____________________________________________________________
I am ______________________________________________________________
I live with __________________________________________________________
I _________________________________________________friends in my class.
My favourite school subject ___________________________________________
In my free time____________________________________________________
I can ______________________________________________________________
Лист для учителя. Ключи.
Текст для аудирования.
Gerda and Kay are a sister and a brother. The Snow Queen is beautiful but evil (злая).
Her castle of ice is in the far North. When the Snow Queen takes Kay away, Gerda
goes to find him. On the way she meet the Prince and Princess. They are very friendly
to Gerda. They give her warm clothes and a golden carriage. The Little Robber Girl is
nice to her too. She gives Gerda her reindeer to take her to Lapland. The reindeer is
from Lapland, so he takes Gerda there to look for Kay. It’s very cold in the Snow
Queen’s castle. Gerda is brave, she saves Kay. They are happy again.
1. F; 2- F; 3- T; 4- NS; 5- NS; 6- T; 7- F; 8- T
2 Чтение
NAME - Paul Smith
AGE - thirty-two
OCCUPATION - a musician
LIVES - in Seattle, USA
HOUSE - a big, comfortable flat
FAMILY MEMBERS - wife (Marta), two daughters (Anna and Alice)
APPEARANCE handsome, tall and plump with short dark hair and grey eyes
CHARACTER clever, friendly and a very caring
LIKES - reading books and watching comedies
DOESN’T LIKE - working in the garden
3 Лексика I
1. bathroom; 2. bookcase; 3. desk; 4. sink; 5. garden; 6. chair
4 Лексика II
1. Australian a. Ireland
2. Russian b. Australia
3. Japanese c. Russia
4. British d. Japan
5. English e. Britain
6. Irish f. England
5 Лексика III
1. Atlas a. English
2. Paints b. Maths
3. Experiment c. Geography
4. Dictionary d. Music
5. Calculator e. Science
6. Piano f. Art
6 Грамматика
1-b; 2-b; 3- b; 4-c; 5-b; 6-c; 7-b; 8-c; 9-b; 10-b; 11-b; 12-c; 13-a; 14-a; 15-a; 16-c; 17-
8 Говорение
We have got a big family. My mother is a teacher. She is thirty five. She is tall, her
hair is dark and she is pretty. Mother is kind and clever. She can cook very well.
Father is forty five. He is tall and slim. Father can play the guitar and piano. He is a
good friend. Brother is fifteen. He is big and strong. His name is Dima. He likes to
play computer games. My grandma is sixty five and grandpa is seventy. I love my
1 Аудирование
Listen to the text and mark the statements True (T), False (F), Not Stated (NS)
1. Gerda and Kay are friends.
2. The Snow Queen is very kind.
3. One day the Snow Queen comes and takes Kay away.
4. Gerda feels unhappy and cries a lot about Kay.
5. Gerda spends three days with the Prince and Princess.
6. The Little Robber Girl is very kind to Gerda.
7. Gerda meets the reindeer in the forest.
8. Gerda finds her brother in the Snow Queen’s ice castle.
Пояснительная записка
Итоговая контрольная работа во 5 классе по УМО “Spotlight” состоит 8 заданий
Задания 1 - 6 соответствуют базовому уровню.
Задания 7-8 - повышенному уровню.
Задание №1 проверяет умение учащихся понимать текст на слух на английском
языке, построенный на знакомом лексическом материале.
Задание №2 проверяет навыки чтения с полным пониманием текста.
Задание №3 проверяет знание ЛЕ по темам: «Дом», «Мебель».
Задание №4 проверяет знание ЛЕ по теме «Страны, национальности».
Задание №5 проверяет знание ЛЕ по теме «Школьные принадлежности»,
«Школьные предметы».
Задание №6 проверяет знания учащимися грамматического материала по
темам:Present Simple, Past Simple, Future Simple, Present Continues, местоимения,
артикли, модальные глаголы.
Задание №7 проверяет умение учащихся отвечать на письмо друга по переписке
с опорой на текст.
Задание №8 направлено на проверку умения составлять монологическое
высказывание описательного характера.
Используемый источник: УМО “Spotlight” 5 класс (Английский в фокусе)
Порядок выполнения работы:
1. Сначала учащиеся выполняют задание по аудированию.
2. Далее выполнять задания можно в любой последовательности.
3.Работу можно выполнять 2 урока.
Оценивание работы:
«5» - 100 75% «4» - 74 66%
«3» - 65 50% «2» - менее 50%
8 Говорение
Translate the situation into English. (5 баллов)
У нас большая семья. Моя мама учительница. Ей 35 лет. Она высокая,
темноволосая и очень красивая. Мама добрая и умная. Она умеет хорошо
готовить. Папе 45 лет. Он высокий и стройный. Папа умеет играть на гитаре и
пианино. Он хороший друг. Моему брату 15 лет. Он большой и сильный. Его
зовут Дима. Он любит играть в компьютерные игры. Моей бабушке 65 лет, а
дедушке семьдесят. Я люблю свою семью.
Итого 68 баллов