Презентация "Healthy - Unhealthy habits"

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Kalimoldanova Aray Erzhanovna English teacher N.Ostrovsky school-lyceum Almaty region, Sarkan town Subject: English Grade: 7 Term: IV What can you say about these pictures? What is the topic of our lesson? Theme of the lesson: Healthy/ Unhealthy habits
  • Learning objective:
  • 7S3 give an opinion at sentence and discourse level on an increasing range of general and curricular topics
  • Lesson objective:
  • to speak about healthy and unhealthy habits using modal verb should or shouldn’t
Listen and repeat What should/shouldn’t we do to have a healthy lifestyle? Look at the pictures and say. Then write down on your copybooks. We should get a good night’s sleep. We shouldn’t eat too much junk food. Home task: Learn the phrases