Проверочная работа по английскому языку за I полугодие 9 класс

Проверочная работа
по английскому языку
за I полугодие
учени____ 9 «___» класса
I. Choose the appropriate words from the brackets.
1) Look (trough/for/after) the article during the break.
2) The last version of the book was (printed/published/typed) in 2002.
3) Every old castle has (the/its/his) strange stories.
4) Don’t go in there, a programme (is being recorded/is recorded/has been recorded).
5) They said his actions (can’t/couldn’t) be (explain/explained).
6) (The/-) police (was/were) informed of the robbery.
7) My Dad’s friends (are served/are being served) in the dining room at the moment.
8) A laptop (was bought/ was being bought) for me yesterday.
9) The president’s speech (has been/is being/had been/is) broadcasted on TV today.
10) Meg said the message (hasn’t been/hadn’t been/isn’t being/-) (received/receive) by her yet.
11) This data (has/have) been broadcast recently.
12) Where (is/are) money? (They/It) (are/is) on the table.
13) The current news (is/are) good.
14) A new (serial/series) about animals is coming on soon.
15) People (eaten/eating) a lot of fried food put on weight easily.
16) The game (invented/inventing) by him was interesting.
17) I don’t mind (you/your) (earn/earning) so little at the moment.
18) She is busy (to talk/talking) on the phone.
19) I can’t understand Dan when he (mumbles/murmurs) and ask him to say the same clearer.
20) Sally saw a big dog running to her and (spoke/shouted/added) out.
II. Use the derivatives of the words in the brackets to complete the sentences.
1) Organizing (discuss) _______________________ can be very (help) ________________.
2) For some people the internet is (prefer)______________________ to any other means of
communication. 3) It is (possible) _______________________ to believe, but Emma
(practical) _____________________ never chats online. 4) It’s quite (credible)
____________________, but Steven (agreed) ___________________ with every word of his
friend. 5) People (easy) ___________________ use the Internet in their (day)
______________ lives and find the (inform) ______________________ they need. 6) This
fact may become (danger) ___________________ for active (use) ________________ of the
net. 7) What are the results of the latest (investigate) __________________?