Практическая работа "Практика поискового чтения" 5 класс

Практическая работа. Практика поискового чтения. 5 класс.
Материал предназначен для практики поискового чтения. Ученику
предлагается текст с вопросами к нему, ответы на которые ученик
должен найти в тексте.
Практическое задание
It was the first day of the winter holiday. It was a beautiful day. The trees
were white with snow. Peter and his friend went for a walk a walk to the
yard. There was a lot of snow. Peter said: “Let’s make a snowman, Tom!”
“Oh! That’s a good idea!” Tom said.
They made three big snowballs. The first snowball was very big. The
second was smaller than the first one. The third was the smallest. The
smallest snowball was the “head”. Then they took three sticks: one was a
“mouth”, the two small sticks were the “eyes”.
Tom had an idea. “We can make the nose out of a big carrot”. They ran
home, took a big carrot and an old pot. The boys put the pot on the
snowman’s head and made the “nose” out of the carrot. The snowman was
ready. How fun it was! The friends were happy. The had a lot of fun.
1. Answer the questions
a) What season was it?
b) What colours were the trees?
c) What was Peter’s friend name?
d) What did Peter and his friend want to make?
e) How many snowballs did the boys make?
f) What did they use to make the snowman’s mouth and eyes?