Тест "Времена группы Simple, Continuous, Perfect"

Test 1
«Времена группы Simple, Continuous, Perfect»
Выберите правильный вариант ответа
1. Where … you yesterday?
a) were
b) are
c) was
d) have you been
2. Listen! Somebody … the violin.
a) plays
b) have been playing
c) is playing
d) played
3. I … music very much.
a) like
b) liked
c) will like
d) likes
4. The students … the dictation today.
a) are writing
b) writes
c) write
d) have written
5. Kate … the room a moment ago.
a) leaves
b) left
c) will leave
d) have been leaving
6. He … his work by 5 o’clock yesterday.
a) have finished
b) finished
c) had finished
d) will finish
7. Tom … from the cinema at five o’clock.
a) returned
b) have returned
c) will return
d) had returned
8. By two o’clock the teacher … all the students.
a) Examine
b) Had examined
c) Examines
d) Examined
9. Mike … ice cream every day.
a) is eating
b) eats
c) eaten
d) will eat
10. Yesterday I … five apples into the fruit bowl.
a) puts
b) put
c) was putting
d) have put
Test 2
«Времена группы Simple, Continuous, Perfect»
Выберите правильные вариант ответа
1. When the teacher … the door of the classroom, the pupils were sitting at their desks.
a) will open
b) opens
c) opened
d) was opening
2. My brother … tennis yesterday.
a) Didn’t play
b) Doesn’t play
c) Won’t play
d) Were not playing
3. My sister … the piano at four o’clock yesterday.
a) didn’t play
b) hadn’t play
c) wasn’t playing
d) will not play
4. When I came to my friend’s place, he … TV.
a) watches
b) have watched
c) was watching
d) will watch
5. Where … you live?
a) does
b) have
c) are
d) do
6. Jane … fond of sports.
a) is
b) are
c) am
d) were
7. My friend … me up at eight o’clock yesterday.
a) rings
b) rang
c) will ring
d) was ringing
8. I … my friends to come to my place tomorrow.
a) invite
b) will invite
c) invited
d) have invited
9. Nick … that his father hadn’t come home yet.
a) thought
b) think
c) has thought
d) thinks
10. Columbus … America 500 years ago.
a) discovers
b) discovered
c) had discovered
d) discover