Контрольная работа по английскому языку для 7 класса за 3 четверть

Контрольная работа для 7 класса
за 3 четверть
1. Insert the right words to complete the sentences with the verb to run
1. He ran____ to sea at the age of fourteen and never returned home.
2. She doesn't like your success. That's why she's always running you____ .
3. The electric battery won't work. It has run ___ .
4. Our food will soon run ___ .
5. A small rabbit has been run ___ by a bus.
6. I'm afraid we have run ___ of petrol.
2. Complete the sentences with the new words:
1.The child’s eyes almost p…. out of her head with excitement.
2.Do you need my help?- No, thanks, I can m…. myself.
3.This is a c… hotel.
4.What’s on the t… today?
5.What’s your aunt’s profession? – She is a l… .
6.The boy p… up the stick for the old man.
7.My Granny tells fairy tales well. She is a good s… .
8.He d… a plateful of cakes yesterday.
9. A s… is a magic word.
10.I am trying to find a particular e… of “Romeo and Juliet”.
3. Use one of the collective nouns in these phrases:
1.a … of lions
2.a … of flies
3.a … of keys
4.a … of sheep
5.a … of elephants
6.a … of whales
7.a … of wolves
8.a … of sticks
4. Open the brackets using the Future Perfect Continuous Tense:
1.The Smiths (to live) in London for 10 years next spring.
2.Mrs. Johnson (to teach) for 20 years this summer.
3.Andrew (to wash) his car by 5 o’clock.
4.The Greens (to live) in Liverpool for 10 years next spring.
5.By the end of our school year we (learn) for 7 years.
6.By 6 o’clock Greg … (to drive) for 5 long hours.
5 28-30
4 24-27
3 14-23
2 13 <0