Тест "Времена группы Continuous" 7 класс

Test # 1
1. Времена группы progressive описывают действия:
а) происходящие регулярно
б) завершившиеся к моменту речи
в) происходящие в момент речи
2) Формула образования Past Perfect:
а) to have + V1
б) to be + V3
в) had + V3
г) to have + V3
3) Указатели времени для Present Perfect:
а) yesterday, a year ago, in 1999
б) already, yet, just, for
в) now, at the present moment
г) often, seldom, every day
4. Действие, которое завершилось в прошлом к определённому моменту,
описывается в:
а) Future Progressive
б) Present Simple
в) Past Perfect
г) Past Perfect Progressive
5. Future Perfect описывает действие, которое:
а) произойдёт в будущем
б) происходит в данный момент
в) завершилось в прошлом к определённому моменту
г) завершится в будущем к определённому моменту
6. Притяжательные местоимения отвечают на вопросы:
а) чей? чья? чьё?
б) объектных падежей
в) кто? что?
г) как?
7. Возвратные местоимения:
а) me, you, us
б) our, their, her,
в) myself, ourselves, himself
г) mine, theirs, his
8. Present Progressive описывает действия, которые происходят:
а) в прошлом регулярно
б) в будущем в определённый момент
в) в настоящем завершившееся
г) в настоящем в данный момент
Test # 2
1. The old man… down the river now.
a. are going
b. is gone
c. has gone
d. is going
2. I… never… in an American school.
a. is being
b. are being
c. have been
d. will be
3. Next year we … biology in science class.
a. will be studying
b. shall study
c. were studying
d. studied
4. She … the poster for two hours already when Natalie came.
a. had been painting
b. is painting
c. had painted
d. paints
5. Mum … a birthday cake when Natalie… came home.
a. were baking, was come
b. was baking, is coming
c. was baking, came
d. had baked, had come
6. Everybody … a present for Sandra on her birthday yesterday.
a. gave
b. has given
c. will give
d. is given
7. My best friend always… me postcards on holidays.
a. had sent
b. sends
c. is sending
d. are sending
8. …you ever…novels by Chekhov?
a. had read
b. had been reading
c. have read
d. will be reading
Переведите на английский язык:
1. Мой брат окончил школу 2 года назад.
2. Я уже прочитала две английские книги.
3. Мы учим английский уже несколько лет.
4. В какое время начинается ваш школьный день?
5. Я надеюсь, мы закончим готовить доклад к концу недели.
6. У нас не будет экзаменов в следующем году.
Test # 3
Список вопросов теста
Вопрос 1
He always ___ shopping with his wife.
Варианты ответов
Вопрос 2
We ___ many books last year.
Варианты ответов
have read
will be reading
Вопрос 3
The students of our school ___ to England next summer.
Варианты ответов
has gone
will go
Вопрос 4
I ____ at school for 35 years.
Варианты ответов
will work
have been working
have worked
Вопрос 5
My sons ___ computer games at the moment.
Варианты ответов
is playing
are playing
Вопрос 6
She ___ to the USA tomorrow from 9 am to 10 pm.
Варианты ответов
will fly
would be flying
will be flying
Вопрос 7
When he ___ his car yesterday he saw a horrible accident.
Варианты ответов
was driving
will drive
Вопрос 8
My daughter ___ her English homework.
Варианты ответов
has done
have done
is doing
Вопрос 9
We ___ breakfast by 9 o'clock yesterday.
Варианты ответов
have prepared
will prepare
had prepared
Вопрос 10
They ___ golf for 3 hours by 6 pm yesterday.
Варианты ответов
will have played
has played
have played
Test # 4
Тест по английскому языку. Грамматика. Времена глагола.
1. Tom usually ... football.
a) is playing b) play с) plays
2. What language he ... now ?
a) speaks b) is speaking c)speak
3. It... snow hard tomorrow.
a) will b) shall c) be
4. If the weather ... fine, we 11 go for a walk.
a) will be b) is c) shall be
5. Mozart... more than 600 pieces of music.
a) writes b) wrote c) will write
6. ... you have time to write her tomorrow ?
a) do b) did c) will
7. There ... many children in the hall last time.
a) are b) were c) will be
8. I... to London.
a) never was b) have never been c) never were
9. My friends ... to the theatre yesterday.
a) went b) have gone c) had go
10. The children ... outdoors last night when it began to rain hard.
a) were playing b) played c) play
11. Neil Armstrong ... to the Moon many years ago.
a) has gone b) went c) had gone
12. The policeman read the gentleman his wright after he ... him.
a) had arrested b) arrested c) arrests
13.Open the door. The postman ... a letter to you
a) brings b) has brought c) will bring
14.There ... a lot of beautiful old buildings in Moscow
a) is b) are c) was
15.Look! Somebody ... in the river.
a) swim b) swims c) is swimming