Тест "Sequences of Tenses" 9 класс

Choose the correct variant
Задание 1.
Greg said that ... a new job.
he will need
he needed
would he need
Задание 2.
Tim complained that he ... at four o’clock in the morning.
is working
will be working
was working
Задание 3.
He said that he ... that film.
had already seen
has already seen
was seen
Задание 4.
Anna explained to me that the hairdresser’s ... down the road.
is located
was located
Задание 5.
Charles said that he ... me the following day.
would have called
will call
would call
Задание 6.
Bill asked me what ... for dinner the day before.
I have made
I had made
had I made
Задание 7.
He said that If I ... Kathrin, she ... me.
ask / will help
have asked / would help
asked / would help
Задание 8.
I was worried if ... enough space to buy a new TV set to my room.
I would have
would I have
I will have
Задание 9.
Alex wondered if ... for the weekend at his place.
his sister will stay
his sister was going to stay
his sister is going to stay
Задание 10.
I wasn’t sure if my purchases ... or not and I didn’t know whom to ask about it.
had been delivered
will be delivered
Задание 11.
Ben asked him whether he ... a motorcycle.
could ride
can ride
will ride
Задание 12.
The police officer ... the car.
orders to stopped
would order stopping
ordered him to stop
Задание 13.
Pam asked him why he ... his job.
wanted to leaving
wants to leave
wanted to leave
Задание 14.
He said the bus ... a little late that day.
will be
might be
can be
Задание 15.
Pam ... to the cinema.
suggested going
suggests to go
suggested to go
Задание 16.
It was very late, so I ... to bed.
say I am going
said I go
said I was going
Задание 17.
He said the fire ... a lot of damage to the building.
had been doing
will do
had done
Задание 18.
Simon was wrong when he said that Andrew ... to his new apartment the next day.
would have moved
would be moving
Задание 19.
She told him that he ... harder.
should study
will study
can study
Задание 20.
He said that if he ... so quickly, the accident ... even worse.
had acted / would be
had been acting / would be
hadn’t acted / would have been
Задание 21.
She told us that the new furniture ... the day before.
had been delivered
would be delivered
will be delivered
Задание 22.
She was worried that her son ... very well that semester.
isn’t studying
wasn’t studying
doesn’t study
Задание 23.
They warned us that the manager ... the office the following day.
will inspect
had inspect
would inspect
Задание 24.
He ... the money he had earned.
demanded to be given
demanded to have given
Задание 25.
He admitted ... my secret.
having given away
to give away
have given
Задание 26.
He claimed that he ... a prize.
had won
had been winning
will win
Задание 27.
He complained that he ... enough money to buy such an expensive present.
doesn’t earn
would not be earning
didn’t earn
Задание 28.
Our teacher insisted on ... by Friday.
our finishing
our to finish
to finish
Задание 29.
She explained that she ... him because he was rude.
didn’t like
would like
Задание 30.
He said that Tom was the best student he ... .
was teaching
would teach
had ever taught