Презентация "Let’s revise the tenses"

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Let’s revise the tenses Презентация выполнена учителем английского языка Данилочкиной Е.С. Гимназия №36 город Иваново Remember!







Is Ving



Has V3




Were Ving

Had V3


Shall/ will V1



Remember the words that can help you
    • Sometimes, usually, always, often,
    • Every day( week, month, year)

Present Simple

    • Yesterday, two days ago, in 1959
    • Last week(month, year)

Past Simple

    • Tomorrow, in2037
    • Next day(week, month, year)

Future Simple

    • Now, at the moment
    • At 5 o’clock yesterday, while

Present/Past Continuous

    • Ever, never, already, yet, just, recently
    • By 5 o’clock, before

Present/Past Perfect

    • Since 5 o’clock, for 2 hours

Present Perfect Continuous

Simple tenses: help Jane tell her story
  • I often (go) to the park with my friends. We (like) running and playing there. The park (be) very beautiful. There (be) a lot of trees and flowers there.
  • Last Sunday we (see) a new film in the cinema. But we (not like) it because it (be) dull. And we (go) to our park. The weather (be) fine. We (swim) in the lake, (eat) ice-cream and (have) fun.
  • Next Sunday my parents and me (be) go for a walk in the forest. I hope it (be) warm and sunny. We (have) a picnic.
Simple tenses: correct the mistakes
  • I saw the film tomorrow.
  • He did dance at the party yesterday.
  • They usually will go to school at 7.
  • Did he got up early?
  • What you will do next Sunday?
  • They usually not talk at the lesson.
Present Simple or Present Continuous?
  • -Where is Mary?
  • She (have) dinner in the kitchen.
  • After school she (have) dinner and (do) her homework.
  • What … you (do) in the evening?
  • What… you (do) now?
  • I (not know) how to translate the text.
  • I usually (help) my mum in the evening but now I (play) my new computer game.
Past Simple or Present Perfect?
  • The room is clean now because my mum just (clean) it.
  • I (clean) my room two days ago.
  • Mike (get) a five last Maths lesson.
  • Mike is happy. He (get) a five!
5. He already (do) his home exercise. 6. She (do) her home exercise yesterday. 7. Jim (be) in Moscow last month. 8. Jane never (be) to Moscow. Past Simple or Past Continuous?
  • He (watch) a new film while his small brother (sleep) in his room.
  • When Jack (see) Bobby, he (talk) with his friends .
  • My mother (wash up) at 7 o’clock yesterday.
  • I (read) the book when Tom (call) me.
  • It (rain) while I (write) my report.
Present Perfect or Present Perfect Continuous?
  • It (rain) since 5 o’clock.
  • He (hear) the lecture. It was interesting.
  • They (already eat) their lunch.
  • She (surf) the Internet for 3 hours.
  • I (not see) him for ages.
Past Simple or Past Perfect?
  • They (leave) the house by 7 o’clock.
  • When he (meet) her, she ( already have) a car.
  • I (see) them before the concert.
  • He (study) well that’s why he(pass) the exam.
  • My mother (clean) the flat before her guests ( come)
Which tense should you use?
  • He (read) a book now.
  • He (be)to London twice
  • They (go) there last Sunday.
  • Look at him! He (ride) his bike.
  • I (do) my homework tomorrow.
  • She (see) her friends last week.
  • is reading
  • has been
  • went
  • is riding
  • will do
  • saw
Can you ask questions?
  • …he go to school last week?
  • What … she reading?
  • When …you usually get up?
  • What … they watching ?
  • What …you done?
  • When …she usually go to bed?
  • What… she doing when her dad came home?
  • Are
  • have
  • Did
  • Do
  • was
  • does
  • is
  • Has
Correct the mistakes
  • She has washing up for 15 minutes.
  • They didn’t went to the park.
  • We is reading now.
  • Where does she saw it?
  • He not is listening to me
  • I have the film seen.
  • Did you were at school?
  • Who do swims well?
  • Was he sleep the whole night yesterday?
  • She has been washing up for 15 minutes.
  • They didn’t go to the park
  • We are reading now.
  • Where does she see it?
  • He is not listening to me.
  • I have seen the film.
  • Were you at school?
  • Who swims well?
  • Was he sleeping…?
Which sentence best describes the picture? Do you remember how to ask questions?





Why does Ann swim a lot?

When did Jack go there?

What has Liz seen?

Where is the cat playing?

Look at the picture. You can see Jane and Liz. Answer the questions using the correct tense
  • What season is it now? What is the weather like?
  • Are the girls sisters or friends?
  • What are the girls doing?
  • Have they finished the game?
  • What does Jane usually do after classes?
  • Where did Liz go with her parents yesterday ?
  • What will Jane do after dinner?
  • Has Liz done her homework?
  • What did Jane’s parents buy her for birthday?

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