Контрольная работа по английскому языку 5 класс. Модуль 7

Контрольная работа по английскому языку
5 класс. Модуль 7
Цель: проверить, как учащиеся усвоили языковой материал модуля 7
Х о д у р о к а
I. Организационный этап
Good afternoon, everybody! (Good afternoon!)
How are you? (Fine, thanks!)
Who’s away today?
II. Основной этап
Вариант 1
1. Translate the words
1) Блузка
2) Галстук
3) Платье
4) Дождевик
5) Юбка
6) Шарф
7) Зонт
8) Костюм
2. Write it right
1. Summer months: A_g_st, J_l_, J_n_.
2. Autumn months: Se_t_mb_r, _c_ob_r, N_v_mb_r.
3. Winter mounth: F_b_ua_r_, J_n_ _ry
3. Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Simple or the Present
1. Lulu is in his kitchen now. She (listen) to music.
2. Sasha (go) surfing every Monday.
3. You (speak) Spanish?
4. Mike and Frenk (not ride) their bikes to school every day.
5. Dava (walk) at the moment?
4. Underline the correct form of the verb.
1. Tom doesn’t watch / isn’t watching a film now.
2. Papy and Masha are playing / play in the snow at the moment.
3. We go / are going to the cinema every Friday.
4. Look at Mary. What does he wear / is he wearing?
5. Where does Hary work / is Hary working?
5. Read and match.
1) How much is it?
2) What size are you?
3) How do I look in this skirt?
4) How does this blouse look on me?
5) What’s the weather like?
a) You look lovely.
b) It’s sunny and warm.
c) That’s 19£, please.
d) I’m a size 14.
e) It suite you perfectly.
Вариант 2
1. Translate the words
1) Шорты
2) Шляпа
3) Футболка
4) Носки
5) Высокие каблуки
6) Перчатки
7) Сапоги
8) Сумка
2. Odd one out and translate it.
1. Summer, autumn, may, spring
2. Boots, shoes, skirt, trainers
3. Freezing, cold, hot, cap
4. December, June, January, February
3. Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Simple or the Present
1. Mary is at home now. She (do) his homework.
2. Am (go) swimming every Tuesday.
3. You (live) in London?
4. People (not go) skiing in summer.
5. You (wait) for Nina right now?
4. Correct the mistakes, as in the example.
Cats are living for about fifty years. - live
1. She often go to the beach on Friday. ________
2. Bob and Semen visits Moscow every week. - _______
3. This house cost £500 per week to rent. - ________
4. Listen! It is rains. ________
5. Every day, Pen catch the bus at 7 am. - ______
6. Tina have got yellow hair and green eyes. - ______
7. I often writes a letter to my friend every week. - ________
8. He are driving to the beach now. - ______
5. Read and match.
6) How much is it?
7) What size are you?
8) How do I look in these shorts?
9) How does this T-shirt look on me?
10) What’s the weather like?
f) You look lovely.
g) It’s sunny and warm.
h) That’s 13£, please.
i) I’m a size 10.
j) It suite you perfectly.
III. Подведение итогов урока
Have you all finished? Leave your worksheets on my desk as you go out.
Today I’m not going to set you any homework