Контрольный тест по английскому языку для 7 класса

Контрольный тест по английскому языку для 7 класса
1. Установите соответствие между текстами и их темами, выбрав тему из
выпадающего списка. Используйте каждую тему только один раз. В задании одна
тема лишняя.
This text deals with …
1. Shopping
2. Entertainment
3. Celebrities
4. Places to visit
5. Eating out
6. Accommodation
A. Los Angeles is the second largest city in the USA. It’s also home to film stars, sunny
weather, tall buildings and heavy traffic. The hotels in LA are more expensive than those in
many other American cities, but they are pretty clean and safe.
B. There are many interesting places that you can visit, like Venice Beach with its street
performers or Universal Studios to see how they make films. Children can visit the Children’s
Museum one of the most exciting museums in the world.
C. There are famous restaurants you can eat at, like the Buffalo Hub, a place packed with
celebrities, or Musso and Frank’s, Hollywood’s oldest restaurant.
D. You can buy cheap fashionable clothes on Melrose Avenue. Do you want designer
clothes? Then go to the expensive shops on Rodeo Drive. A visit there is always unforgettable.
E. The nightlife is exciting on the Sunset Strip, an area in Hollywood with famous clubs.
There you can enjoy rock’n’roll music. LA is a really modern city with something for everyone.
It’s noisy and crowded, but it’s also fascinating.
2. По содержанию текста напишите являются ли данные предложения правильными
(True), не правильными (False).
А. The hotels in LA are сheaper than those in many other American cities.
B. At Universal Studios they make films only when there are no other visitors.
C. Musso and Frank’s is Hollywood’s oldest restaurant.
D. It is difficult to buy cheap fashionable clothes on Melrose Avenue.
E. Everyone enjoys something in LA.
3. Прочитайте текст и вставьте вместо каждого пропуска подходящее слово, выбрав
его из списка. Два слова в списке лишние.
1. younger; 2. knew; 3. could; 4. more; 5. has taught; 6. natural; 7. warning.
My grandmother
The person who (A)____ me the most about life is my grandmother. My parents travelled a
lot when I was (B)____ so I spent most of my school holidays with her. She was (C)____ than
just a grandmother to me. She was such a considerate person. She (D)____ how much I missed
my parents so she did everything she (E)____ to make me feel at home. She was also really
imaginative and spent hours telling me stories that she had made up. She taught me so many
important things. She was the most positive person I’ve ever met and she taught me how to look
for the good in everything.
4. Заполните пропуски необходимыми по смыслу словами:
A) My … is to become a professional musician.( ability, record, ambition)
B) We must put our litter into … (bin, a glass, plastic)
C) We reuse plastic bottles instead … throwing them out. (on, of, out)
D) Don’t … litter into the pond. ( protect, recycle, throw)
E) I can always rely … my friend. (on, of, over)
F) Jack and Kris are neighbours and … friends. (last, betray, true)
G) Sometimes we … over little things. (make up, fall out, get together)
H) Friends are people … can keep secrets. (who, whose, which)
I) He is good at …(swim, swimming, to swim)
J) I’m mad … football. (of, for, about)
5.Соедини две части в предложение:
A) Don’t pollute rivers…
B) Never ruin…
C) Resting in the forest…
D) Keep your countryside…
E) Reduce pollution…
-a)…don’t disturb wildlife!
-b) clean!
-c) with garbage!
-d) … birds’ nests!
-e) …by recycling!