Контрольно-измерительные материалы по английскому языку на начало учебного года 5 класс

Контрольно-измерительные материалы
по английскому языку на начало учебного года (5 класс)
Вариант 1
Задание 1.(8 мин) Прочитайте текст и определите, о чем он. В таблице для
каждого текста укажите его тему, выбрав его из выпадающего списка.
Text is about...
1) At our school we have got а big computer room.
We have got 12 computers in the room. In the
computer room, the pupils can study English,
music, maths and science. They do art here too;
they can draw and colour pictures with the
computer. The computers also help the pupils to
read and write. The pupil come to the computer
room every Tuesday and Thursday.
A) Molly's
B) Our school
C) Our
computer room
D) My flat
E) A school
2) On Wednesday there is a school trip to a farm.
There are sheep, cows, goats, horses and hens at the
farm. There are also fruit trees: apples, pears and
Don't be late for school. The bus leaves at nine
o'clock. We go back to school at three o'clock.
Wear your school clothes on Wednesday. Bring
your lunch box and a drink.
3) This year, our school play was Little Red Riding
Hood. The play was in the classroom on Thursday
afternoon. Our families were there. I was the girl.
Jim was the wolf and Zoe was the grandma. My
costume was a big red coat with a hood. Jim's
costume was a big wolf's head. He was very scary.
The play was lots of fun. Our families were happy
and proud of us. We love English and we also love
acting different English stories.
4) Molly works at the zoo. She looks after the big
animals: elephants, giraffes, lions and tigers.
Molly says “My favourite animals are elephants. At
the moment we've got six elephants at the zoo. Two
of the elephants are babies. They are very cute.”
Molly gets up at 6 o'clock every day. She starts
work at 7 o'clock. First she feeds the lions and the
tigers. They eat meat. Then she feeds the giraffes
and the elephants. They eat vegetables. Molly says
“I'm always happy as I love my job!”
5) My name is Mark. I live in a big flat in the center
of the city. I live with my mum, my dad, my elder
brother, Paul, and my grandparents. In my flat
there are three bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen
and a bathroom. One bedroom is for my mum and
dad. One bedroom is for my grandparents. I share
my room with my brother. In our bedroom there are
two beds, two desks and a big cupboard. We have a
lot of toys. I like my flat and my bedroom.
Задание 2. (10 мин)Прочитайте текст. Затем дополните предложения на
основе прочитанного текста.
Frank is twelve years old. He hasn't got any brothers or sisters. He lives with
his mother and father on a farm in the center of Australia. There isn't a town or a
school near his house, so Frank goes to School of the Air.
He can see his teacher on screen and his teacher uses an interactive whiteboard.
This helps Frank to understand the lesson. Then he can save the documents from the
interactive whiteboard and read them again after the lesson. Frank has got a
microphone and headphones so he can hear and talk to his teacher and to the other
students. At the end of the lesson, the teacher gives Frank some homework.
Frank study for about five hours a day. His parents help him with his
homework and his lessons. He uses the Internet to help him learn. His teachers also
send him books to read.
1. Frank is ________________ years old.
2. Frank goes to _______________________.
3. Frank's teacher_____________________________________.
4. Frank study____________________________________________________.
5. He uses the Internet______________________________________________.
Задание 3. (7 мин)Прочитайте текст и вставьте вместо каждого пропуска
нужную грамматическую форму, выбрав ее из выпадающего списка.
Hi! My name 1)_________ Christine and I'm
1) am
from Scotland. But now I work in Brazil. Here in
Brazil, I work 2)________ the evening and at
night. 3)_______ 6 o'clock in the evening we go
into the forest and look for birds. We write their
names in our notebooks. We 4)________ talk
because we don't want the birds to hear us. We
finish at about 3 o'clock in the morning. Before
we eat our dinner, we write 5)_________ names
on the computer. At 5.45 in the morning I 6)____
very tired and ready for bed. It's a great job and
I'm so happy.
2) at
3) at
4) aren't
5) their
6) do
Задание 4. (7 мин) Прочитайте диалог и вставьте вместо каждого пропуска
подходящую реплику из выпадающего списка. Две реплики в списке лишние.
Waiter: Good afternoon!
Woman: 1)_____________________________
Waiter: 2)___________. Would you like a
sandwich with that?
Woman: 3)_____________________________
Waiter: And would you like a drink?
Woman: 4)_____________________________
Waiter: Sorry, but we haven't got orange juice.
There is apple and cherry juice.
Woman: 5)_____________________________
Waiter: Sure, no problem.
a) - Good evening, Mr Black!
b) - OK. A glass of apple juice,
c) - Hello! Can I have some tomato
soup, please?
d) - No, thank you.
e) - Yes, of course.
f) - There is no milk in the fridge.
g) - Yes, please. Can I have some
orange juice?
Задание 5. (8 мин) Прочитайте текст, вставляя в пропуски подходящее по
смыслу слова из таблицы. Два слова в таблице лишние.
My day begins at 7 o'clock. I 1)_____________, wash my face, 2)____________ and
get dressed. I have breakfast 3)____________, bread and milk. Then I go to
4)__________ at 8 o'clock. I go to school by bus. I take my coat, 5)______________
and my lunch box. Our school bus is blue. My mother's day is different from mine.
She is a 6)_____________. She starts work at 6 a.m., so I don't see her in the
morning. She goes home at 2 o'clock and she cooks dinner. I see my mum in the
afternoon and in the evening.
Задание 1.
1) C
2) E
3) B
4) A
5) D
Задание 2.
1. twelve years old.
2. School of the Air.
3. uses an interactive whiteboard.
4. for about five hours a day.
5. to help him learn.
Задание 3.
Задание 4.
c)- Hello! Can I have some tomato soup,
e)- Yes, of course.
d)- No, thank you.
g)- Yes, please. Can I have some orange juice?
b)- OK. A glass of apple juice, please.
Задание 5.
get up
brush my teeth
my school bag