Стартовая контрольная работа по английскому языку 4 класс Кузовлев В.П.

Стартовая контрольная работа по английскому языку. 4 класс.
1. Listening.
Listen to the boy talking about himself and choose the right variant.
1) The boy’s name is …
a) Dave b) John c) Mike
2) He is from …
a) England b) Australia c) the USA
3) It is a … country.
a) very big b) fantastic c) beautiful
4) They’ve got …
a) Disneyland b) Legoland c) Big Ben
5) It’s in …
a) New York b) Washington c) California
2. Grammar.
Choose the correct variant and fill in the gaps.
1) Where …the gifts?
a) am b) is c) are
2) I … to go shopping.
a) like b) likes c) liking
3) My little sister doesn’t … a lot.
a) travels b) travel c) travelled
4) Does Ann every day?
a) swim b) swims c) swam
5) What places … they visit every summer?
a) does b) do c) did
6) Last summer I … in England.
a) was b) be c) were
7) … you visit your grandparents last Sunday?
a) does b) did c) do
3. Reading.
Read the letter below. Choose true/false.
Dear friend,
My name is Kate. I’m eleven. I’m from London. It’s a very beautiful city. There are many parks in London.
My favourite place is Hyde Park. There is a big stadium near my house. I like playing football and tennis
there. I like my city very much.
Best wishes,
1) Kate is twelve years old. True / False
2) She lives in New York. True / False
3) Kate’s favourite place is Hyde Park. True / False
4) Kate likes playing basketball. True / False
5) There is a big stadium near her house. True / False
4. Writing. Write a letter to your English pen-friend.
Start like this:
Dear friend,
My name is___________________________. I am____________________________.
I live in____________________________. My favourite season is__________________.
I like to_________________________________.
I have got________________________________________________________________.
Please, write back.
Your pen friend,_____________
1. Listening
1) a
2) c
3) a
4) a
5) c
2. Grammar
1) c
2) a
3) b
4) a
5) b
6) a
7) b
3. Reading
1) False
2) False
3) True
4) False
5) True
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