Контрольная работа по английскому языку 4 класс (Кузовлев)

Контрольная работа по английскому языку 4 класс.
1. Прочитай про животных из семейства кошачьих и заполни пропуски (1-10)
прилагательным в правильной форме. Задание (0) уже сделано в качестве примера.
Your cat is (0) smaller (small) than the lion, leopard, and tiger but they all are relatives. Tigers
are the (1) __________________ (large) cats in the world. The Amur Tiger is (2)
___________________ (big) than other tigers. It is the (3) ____________________ (heavy)
Wild cat in the world. The cheetah is (4) _________________ (small) than the tiger, but it is (5)
________________ (fast) than the tiger. In fact the cheetah is the (6)_______________ (fast)
animal on land. The lion is the (7) ____________________________ (dangerous) animal in
Africa. Some cats are (8) ____________________ (furry) than others. The snow leopard has (9)
__________________ (long) fur than the lion.
2. Прочитай про рептилий, выбери правильный ответ и заполни пропуски (1-10).
Задание (0) уже сделано в качестве примера.
(0) Reptiles are crocodiles, snakes and turtles. (1)________________________ is an
animal with a long body and no legs. Snakes live in (2)____________________ places: in
forests, rivers, and lakes.(3)____________________snakes live in trees and
(4) ______________________snakes spend their time in water.
Snakes cannot (5) ______________________where it is cold.
Some people are (6) _____________________of snakes. But people are not afraid of turtles.
A turtle is a (7) __________________________with a shell.
Some turtles live (8)______________________, but others live in water.
Many land turtles are (9)______________________.
But sea turtles are very (10) __________________________________.
0. reptiles/whales 6. special/scared
1. A snake/An alligator 7. snake/reptile
2. dangerous/different 8. in the world/on land
3. Tall/Some 9. slow/fluffy
4. other/slow 10. fast/cheerful
5. travel/live
3.Выбери правильное слово и обведи в кружочек.
Last summer I spend\spent 2 weeks in the summer camp. I enjoy\enjoyed different things:
сlimbing, riding a bike, swimming. Now I am\was not afraid of water! I like\liked it!
In the camp I enjoy\enjoyed playing with boys. Now I have\had many friends. I like\liked
staying in the camp because I have\had fantastic time there. I hope I go\will go there next
summer. Will you\Do you go with me there next summer?
4. Напиши зарубежному другу каких животных ты видел? Как они выглядели?
Какое твое любимое животное? Каких животных ты хочешь увидеть?
Hi! What animals did you see? I _________________________________________.
My favourite animal is__________________, because it is____________and___________.
I hope I _______________________________________________________________.
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30-23 «4»
22-17 «3»