Вводная контрольная работа по английскому языку 5 класс

Вводная контрольная работа по английскому языку
ученика(цы) 5 А класса_________________________________
Part 1. Listening
Прослушай диалог и выбери правильный ответ.
1. The Addam family lives in ... .
A) Scotland B) Ireland C) England
2. What does Mr Addam do? He ... .
A) drives a bus B) writes books C) teaches children
3. Mrs Addam ... .
A) has two jobs B) isn’t working now C ) is a teacher
4. Mr and Mrs Addam have ... .
A) two sons B) two daughters C) a son and a daughter
5. Mr and Mrs Addam’s children are ... .
A) students B) babies C) football players
6. ... is eight.
A) Bill B) Jacky C) Jill
7. How old is Bill? He is ... Jacky.
A) younger than B) older than C) as old as
8. There are ... people in the Addam family.
A) four B) three C) five
9. Bill really likes ... .
A) hockey B) comedies C) video games
10. The Addam family is a ... family.
A) happy B) funny C) luck
Part 2. Reading
Внимательно прочитай рассказ и выполни нижеприведенные задания.
My town
My name is Nick. My country is Russia. I live in a small town. Our town is not very big, but it is not far from our
capital. Not all the streets of our town are long and wide. But they are green and nice in summer. On Saturdays
and Sundays there are a lot of people and cars in the streets. The people of our town and from the countries
around try to do shopping.
We can see a lot of people in the parks in our town. In spring and summer there are a lot of grannies and little
children in our “Children Park.” Grannies usually sit or walk. And their grandchildren like to play balls, ride small
cars, run and jump. This park is the best place for our children.
In summer when it’s hot people like to go to the river. It is not very long and wide, but it’s warm and clean.
There is a bridge across the river. Next to the river there is a large field. In summer it is yellow and beautiful.
Some houses in our town are big and tall. But there are small houses too. They have got small gardens with
trees and flowers.
There are six schools in our town. My friend and me go to school number six. We are good friends and good
pupils. In winter we like to skate and ski.
We like our school and our town.
Задание 1. Отметь верные утверждения буквой T (true), а неверные F (false).
1) Nick’s town isn’t big. ____
2) There are a lot of long and wide streets in the town. ___
3) On Sundays and Mondays people go to picnics in the “Children’s Park.” ____
4) The “Children’s Park” is the best place for our children. ____
5) Nick and his friend doesn’t go to school.____
Задание 2. Выбери и обведи правильный вариант.
1) There are a lot of ___ in the streets.
a) animals b) people c) horses
2) There is ___ next to the river.
a) a field b) a garden c) a bridge
3) There are ___ schools in the town.
a) 7 b) 4 c) 6
4) Grannies usually sit or walk.
a) Бабушки вечно сидят и разговаривают.
b) Бабушки всегда сидят или прогуливаются.
c) Бабушки обычно сидят или прогуливаются.
5) Next to the river…
a) рядом с рекой… b) следующий у реки… c) над рекой…
5/ ___
Part 3. Use of English
Выбери и обведи правильный вариант ответа.
1) Yesterday I ___ my friends in the park.
a) made b) did c) had d) met
2) I___ 12 years old
a) am b) are c) were d) is
3) She __________ a lot of interesting books
a) has got b)have got c) is got
4) I___________ Indian food.
a) doesn't like b) it c) don't like d) likes
5) We went _________the cinema on Sunday.
a) in b) to c) at
6) Ann ___ a toy yesterday.
a) make b) makes c) made
7) I think Mike ___ watching TV now.
a) are b) is c) am
8) There ___ fifteen pupils in the classroom yesterday.
a) is b) was c) were
9) Did he go there ___?
a) last week b) now c) next week
10) What ___ buy yesterday? A dress.
a) she did b) did she c) she didn't
Составь из слов предложения.
1) yesterday / a car / didn't / buy / he / _____________________________________________
2) to play / computer / I / games / like. _____________________________________________________
3) at school/week/was/she/last._______________________________________________________
Part 4. Writing
Заполни анкету для занятий в кружке любителей английского языка.
1) Name ______________________________________________________________________
2) Age ________________________________________________________________________
3) Favourite subjects _____________________________________________________________
4) Your hobby(hobbies) ___________________________________________________________
5) What do you like to do in your free