Вводная контрольная работа по английскому языку 9 класс

Task 1. Choose the right word: a. conflict b. conservative c. peacefully d. separatists e.
disagree f. reunion g. signs h. human i. wheelchair j. prevent k. discrimination l. tolerant
1. Old people are usually ____________than young people.
2. Are you planning to have a family _________________at Christmass?
3. People who are unable to walk use a _____________________
4. What mathematical ____________did you learn?
5. It listed 29 different ______________rights: protection against cruel punishment,
___________________against racism.
6. People must ____________war conflicts.
7. We must to be _____________ with each other.
8. Spanish ___________are very dangerous.
9. When people ______________with each other, they may have _____________.
10. We can resolve all conflicts ___________.
Task2. Use the words to form new words that fit in the same numbered space in the text.
1. I am more ______ on this point OPTIMIST
2. We need some ___________against religious discrimination. PROTECT
3. ________movements have caused a lot of serious military conflicts. SEPARATE
4.The constitution guarantees the _______of people of different ethnic groups in the eyes of the
5. We should use all possible_________ means to resolve conflict. PEACE
6. All forms of war conflicts are ____________. HUMAN
Task 3. Complete the sentences with the correct comparative/superlative form of the
1. That was…(bad) film I have ever seen.
2. He is ….(intelligent) of all.
3. Tracey is….(hardworking) than Janet.
Task 4. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct future tense: Future Simple,
Future Continuous, Future Perfect.
1. The film…..(start) by the time you arrive.
2. If you’re going out, I… (come) with you.
3. This time next week I …(travel) across France.
4. Luke…(call) you back in an hour.
1.1) b
2) f
3) i
4) k
5) h
6) j
7) l
8) d
9) e a
10) c
2. 1) optimistic
2) protection
3) separatist
4) equality
5) peaceful
6) inhuman
3. 1) the worst
2) the most intelligent
3) more hardworking
4. 1) will have started
2) I’ll come
3) I’ll be crossing
4) will call