Презентация "The most useful invention. What is it?" 10-11 класс

Подписи к слайдам:
The most useful invention. What is it? What is the most important invention? We have different opinions about the most useful invention in our life. Karina:
  • The car is very useful because it is convenient for carrying persons or goods by road at any weather. Usability, new opportunities, new social circle, freedom, music that is always near by – main features of car
Natasha B:
  • I believe that the phone is a unique invention. Phone helps to talk people at a distance, listen to music, write messages.
  • Television is the main source of the media around the world. From it you can learn a lot of new and interesting, the main plus is that you can relax after a hard day. The downside is that it is harmful to the eye sight.
Natasha E: Internet is very suitable, I like that invention very much. It helps me to learn, prepare my homework, kill free time, it is possible to watch any film at any time.

Have you got the Internet at home?

Is it useful invention ?

How often do you use the Internet?

What do you prefer?

Could you live without it ?

  • We use computer every day.
  • The main benefit is that we can find a lot of useful information.
  • But we can live without it!
  • Using the Internet must be interesting.
  • A stranger on the Net might be dangerous.
It might be interesting but…
  • It may be dangerous to give your address on the Internet.
  • A stranger on the Internet might try to hurt you.
  • Not everything you read on the Internet may be true.
Thanks to the Internet
  • You can watch any TV programmes at any time
  • You can chat with friends in different part of the world. You can hear them, you can see them, you can share photos and videos with them
  • You can find all important information, learn
  • You can buy tickets, goods
  • You can work sitting at home