Презентация "Unpopular inventions" 10-11 класс

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Unpopular inventions Top 10 Slide projector Polaroid Gramophone Video tape recorder Receiver Pager Typewriter Slide projector
  • A slide projector is an opto-mechanical device to view photographic slides. Slide projectors became common since the 1950s as a form of entertainment; family members and friends would gather to view slide shows. In-home photographic slides and slide projectors have largely been replaced by low cost paper prints, digital cameras, DVD media, video display monitors, and video projectors.
  • Polaroid Corporation - the American company, engaged in the manufacture of photographic equipment and consumer electronics (LCD TVs, portable DVD players, digital photo frames). The most widely known as the manufacturer of cameras that allow to make snapshots.
  • Gramophone (from the Greek. γράμμα record, φωνή output) device for sound playback gramophone record. Gramophone is a modification of the phonograph, independently invented in 1877 Charles CROs and Thomas Edison. Emile Berliner, having familiarized with the works of CROs, decided to replace the cylinder for recording and playback sounds to use disks. New invention called the gramophone, was patented Berliner 26 September 1887. Records originally made of ebonite, then shellac.
Video tape recorder
  • VCR - recorder television image and sound on the tape, and their subsequent playback. From a tape recorder differs repeatedly increased stripe recordable frequency and device picker high precision. Obtained through your VCR to record images and sounds is called video soundtrack. The ability to record high-frequency and pulse signals makes VCR suitable not only for movies, but also to other application tasks, connected with registration information.
  • Radio (room radio receiver device) - a device for reception of electromagnetic waves radio range (that is, with the wave length from a few thousand metres to tenths of a millimeter) followed by conversion to the information of the type for which it could be used.
  • Pager (from the English. page - call, which in turn derives from the word page - page, servant, an errand boy - cf. «to send a page after») receiver personal call. Pager is designed so that allows to receive the messages sent through paging network. To send a message to a pager, you need to dial a telephone operator, to inform number or name of the subscriber and to dictate a message. The first in the world pager released Motorola in 1956. The first pagers have adopted the hospitals and managers. Then pagers got all those who wanted to be always available.
  • Typewriter (typewriter) mechanical, Electromechanical, or electronic-mechanical device, equipped with a set of keys, press which causes printing to the corresponding characters on the media (in most cases this paper). Was widely used in the XIX-XX centuries. Currently typewriters mostly obsolete, their function started to run personal computers, printers equipped.